The Desire on Fire Experience

about this event

A 2-Day Immersive Event for Women to Tune In to Your Inner GPS, Connect to Your Worthiness, and Claim the Life You Desire to Live!

Do you love…

  • Being TOGETHER with friends, deep connections, dance parties, and the nourishment of sisterhood?
  • Feeling CONFIDENT, FREE, and like you know what you want and how to create it?
  • Going to workshops and events that inspire you and FILL YOUR SOUL?
  • What if you could get everything you love in ONE WEEKEND?

This weekend is about you starting to tune into your own inner guidance system – as opposed to all the opinions and voices outside yourself – so you can create, connect, and LIVE from your DESIRE, even in these times of restrictions and unknowns.

What Will You Get From This ​2-day Event?

  • End the “man mode” hustle and tap into your true essence
  • From this place you can manifest your wildest dreams… without effort
  • Get intimately acquainted with the sensual goddess you are
  • Learn to play & flirt without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed
  • Create deep sisterhood with like-minded women from all over the globe
  • Ignite your purpose and share your gifts.. so you can be of bigger service during this critical time in history
  • UNLEASH your Creativity, Sensuality and Feminine Magic
  • Awaken your body to experience PLEASURE like never before

Are you ready to be DONE with these issues? 

  • Isolation & Loneliness:Do you feel unmotivated, uninspired and/or disconnected? Do you miss deep connections, growing with friends, and the nourishment of sisterhood?​
  • Body Shame:Paralyzing fear and insecurity about the way your body looks. Anxiety about being judged or “looking awkward” kills your enjoyment of intimacy and pleasure
  • Fear of Rejection:Do you fear showing others how you feel or what you want because you fear being turned down? Do you feel awkward or self-conscious expressing your sensual side for fear of others not liking it?
  • Setting Boundaries:Do you struggle to set clear boundaries and say “no” when you mean no, especially in sexual situations?
  • Compare & Despair:Are you caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others and never feeling good enough? Do you constantly question yourself and your decisions?
  • Self Sabotage:Are you so afraid of being “too much” that you hold yourself back from asking for what you really want?

What are you waiting for?

NOW is the time!

Join 300+ women from around the world for this transformational weekend.

You will walk away with clarity, ready to offer your unique magic to the world, and with a new tribe of sisters backing you on your journey.

All you have to do is say YES!

Register for The Desire on Fire Experience LIVE, now!

The next 100 tickets are available for only $195 if you register using the code DESIRE at checkout!

We can’t wait to see you in October.