Tantric Secrets: About Men

about this event

“And if you can manage to become meditative in your sex life, if you can be silent while making love, in a kind of dance, you will be surprised. You have a built-in process to take you to the farthest shore.” — Osho, The Book of Wisdom

Tantra has always included among its secrets the honoring and reverencing of the body. Because of this, it has discovered and shared attitudes and techniques for enhancing pleasure and connection.

With tenderness and compassion, we will explore how to worship the Lingam, the tantric sacred name for the man’s penis. This workshop is educational in nature and does not include nudity or live demonstrations. You will be guided through the mysteries of a man’s:

  • Sacred Anatomy
  • Pleasure Points
  • Potential for Deep Sexual and Emotional Healing

Join us for this enriching exploration of the sacred geography of a man’s body.For all men and lovers of men, all genders welcome.


Catherine Auman, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) specializes in helping people find love and awareness. Greg Lawrence is a Transformational Coach and Psychedelic Integration Specialist. Together, Catherine and Greg are on a mission to help others realize they can create a true Soulmate relationship.

You can find more information about Greg here: https://psychedelicintegrationspecialist.com/

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