Summer Solstice Workshop: Discover Your Calling & Reimagine Your Purpose

about this event

For artists and creatives to press pause in order to rediscover your unique path and remember your purpose, calling, and what really matters

About this Event

“There is never any end. There are always new sounds to imagine; new feelings to get at. And always, there is the need to keep purifying these feelings and sounds so that we can really see what we’ve discovered in its pure state. So that we can see more and more clearly what we are. In that way, we can give to those who listen to the essence, the best of what we are. But to do that at each stage, we have to keep on cleaning the mirror.” – John Coltrane

Following this monumental and transitional year, we ask ourselves, how can we bring in the lessons we have gained from the pandemic into this new season and our futures?

Furthermore, as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 20th, we take into consideration the significance of this astrological event (the longest day of the year) by illuminating our calling and bringing consciousness back into our purpose and vocation.

This 2 hour session is an opportunity for artists and creatives to press pause in order to rediscover your unique path and remember your purpose, calling, and what really matters, by tapping into your innermost self and essential creative nature as we make this seasonal transition from darkness into light. It will include meditations, making and learning about art, active imagination, visualizations, movement, and more!

Whether you are yearning to:

  • Discover your calling and how to bring more purpose and passion into your life
  • Take a moment to reflect and step outside your routine
  • Remember what is important to you
  • Find inspiration and tap into imagination for your art or creative endeavors
  • Bring you into alignment with your most authentic and artistic self
  • Recalibrate your inner being with the world around you
  • Foster the space to transition into a new season
  • Support you upon a potential reentering into a post quarantine world
  • Bring in the new and recall from the past what you value and what you feel is most important to supporting you in your daily rhythms, your artistic and creative vocation, and life goals.
  • Find ways to press pause and reset, on a daily basis
  • Explore what living and working artfully day-to-day might look like for you
  • Develop yourself through art, mindfulness, and curiosity. The experiences and activities we do in this workshop will provide you with the resources to empower you to do these on your own

This is an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the parts of yourself that you want to bring forward into this new season and year, while cleaning out old habits and routines that are no longer in support of your aspirations and values. You will simultaneously gain new tools and resources for your wellbeing and to realign you with your life’s work. We believe that these moments of retreat and removal from our “normal” linear lives offer a wellspring of information that honors who we truly are.

In this workshop, we will reconnect to imagination, artistry, the body and breath, and the natural world to more fully experience our truest nature. We will widen our capacity to move through this seasonal transition together through the lens of intuition and imagination.

You will leave with new tools and resources to create a daily practice of your own that will ignite the parts of yourself that enable you to step away from external pressures and internal confusion. You will leave with a feeling of clarity as you continue to do this exploratory work on your own.

* Scholarships available and free for BIPOC, email to inquire*

“Imagination is a concentrated extract of all the forces of life. The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C. G. Jung