about this event

Are you ready to fully allow the arrival of divine power within your soul destiny? This class is intended for anyone who resonates with stepping through mis-alignments or resistance such as excuses and fear, and into their own divine power. You may be a conscious creative, an alchemist, maker, artist, writer, dreamer, lightworker, energyworker or anyone who resonates with this class.

As we come through the energy of the Lions Gate on 8.8 in August, we are being called to step into our divine power and deeper into our own destiny. It is time to set intentions for 2020 and beyond. These are supportive times when we begin to step into the authenticity of our soul destiny. When we resist, we attract “difficult” situations to get our attention and help move us into alignment with our soul mission. Are you trying to create from or for your own ego (what does it get ME) instead of for the collective unity consciousness (what is it providing for US as ONEness)? 

As awakening souls we are are being asked to step into our divine, authentic power to bring our gifts into the world. This world needs your gifts now more than ever. It is one of the reasons you have been brought here at this time. It is in your soul contract as part of your destiny to assist the collective. Many of us may be still “waiting in the wings,” finding comfort in staying hidden from our complete truths, our own authenticity. In this class we will look at where you may be still hiding in your life, in your creativity, in your relationships and in your business. We will discuss the ease and flow of living authentically in your own divine truth, wisdom, joy, grace and power.

This class is led by soul destiny life coach Marla Bosworth. She will guide the group through several experiences, from short guided meditations to short writing exercises (please bring a journal). She will share messages from her spiritual guides. We will look at what has been showing up in your own personal experiences and what is being revealed about your personal soul destiny to assist you in seein beyond your own resistances and into your divine power and truth.

As we gather in numbers, in our sacred circle, we support each other with trusting our own intuition as it leads us on our journey. Please show up in an open heartspace, ready to receive. Take what resonates and discard what doens’t serve you. When we are open to seeing more of our own divine truth and what may be needed as “found pieces” by our own soul destiny journey, then we drop density and allow for more light within our physical body. More light moves us into higher trajectories and experiences in our journey. This is a safe, supportive sacred space. See yourself in others as we gather to see the beauty of connectedness and oneness of us all.

Marla creates highly experential workshops – a holistic perspective of learning by transforming new information. If you’ve ever attended any of her classes you know the energy she creates is supportive and all-inclusive. One of her gifts is to connect to your higher self to assist in guiding you on your own journey. Marla is a wayshower and destiny soul coach. She incorporates shamanic wisdom into her teachings.