Spring Equinox & New Moon Sound Bath with Aurea Lara

about this event

Aries holds the fiery energy of initiation! Symbolized by the Ram and ruled by Mars, Aries is the sign of leadership, of passion and of kicking things into gear!! What better time to celebrate new beginnings and the energy of initiation than with this New Moon that coincides with the Spring Equinox?! Aries holds the energies of fearlessness and exploration – the fiery energy of this new moon and the spring equinox converge to give us a perfect opportunity to go within and light that FIRE under our actions in order to manifest our desires. 

We are gifted with this portal, to boldly chart new territories and to take actions that perhaps we were holding back on – until now. New Moon portals hold ALL the untapped energy for manifestation, and greater alignment with our Soul’s purpose and mission. It is through the magic of sound frequency, that the material world was created, and so too, tonight, we will be allowing the harmonic resonances of Crystal Alchemy Bowls, powerful light language, Aramaic healing mantras and the energies of the Magdalene Reiki to align us with healing and with our Soul’s unique and beautiful expression. I look forward to holding space for this powerful co-creation!

Don’t forget to bring your favorite crystals, journal, pen, yoga mat and comfy blanket, eye pillow – if you so desire.