Spirit World Connection and Attunement *Mediumship Development Zoom Event

about this event

I would like to conduct an attunement that will allow us to feel the closeness of Spirit and set the intention for them to show us a bit of the Spirit World. A guided tour, so to speak. Once in the attunement, I believe everyone will be able to feel the closeness of Spirit and receive messages of love and encouragement from the Spirit World.

The session will consist of a brief discussion about the importance of our relationship with the Spirit World, a 50-minute attunement (including expanding our power) and a brief chat at the end to discuss our experiences.

Josef Siegle is a Spiritualist Medium and Healer and member of the Spiritualists’ National Union in the United Kingdom (SNU).

This will be an online Zoom event that you can enjoy from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Some reviews of my sessions and work:

“Josef is a fabulous teacher and during his training exercise, I was very impressed with how he gently guided us to a place where we could feel the closeness of Spirit. It was my first time doing trance and I enjoyed his session immensely. He was very knowledgeable and answered many of my questions. I recommend him as I can tell by the way he approaches his work and students that he loves what he does. Thank you!!”.

“I took a trance class with Josef and it was great. The meditation that Josef used was very powerful and took my mind some place relaxing. I look forward to any future classes with him. For those of you wondering what it would be like I encourage you to sign up”.

“Josefs Sessions in Attunement and Connecting are absolutely amazing. I can highly recommend participation”.

“I have been working with Josef for a couple of months now. His insight and knowledge of trans-communication and evidential medium-ship are his passion and you can feel this in his teachings. He has done the work to be teaching this wonder work. Josef guides you through and holds your hand, there’s nothing to be afraid of. He really is a fabulous teacher, I highly recommend him”.