South Bay Brunch with Babes – A Networking Event for Women in Business

about this event

Calling all Women in Business

We are changing the way #networking is done!

Join the South Bay’s only Social Networking & Masterminding Community for Women in Business.

No more showing up to an event just to hand out business cards and gain a few Instagram followers.

Brunch with Babes is a social networking and masterminding community for local #BossLadies where you are seen, heard and accepted for where you are and where you want to go.


Enter this space and get more than you could ever imagine.


Each month I host a networking brunch to bring women in business together to share the work that you do + the current hardships you are facing that are getting in the way of creating your dream life and business.


If you’re like me, you’re ready to grow a business authentically and with passion behind your purpose.

Here at Brunch with Babes the soul goal is to become each other’s space for lead sharing, accountability and heart centered advice.

There’s no competition here, in a world where entrepreneurship can feel lonely AF especially when you’re trying to find your space on the internet.

That’s why I created this sacred community…

I know what it feels like to put all your effort into showing up to a networking event scared, sweaty palmed and uncertain if it will be worth it just to go home and still be in the same place you were when you left – confused and alone.

I don’t want that for you!

Being in business for over a decade now has given me a unique look into what being in business is all about and if there’s one thing I know for certain it’s that growth happens in numbers, by fostering relationships and helping one another reach the next level.

If brunch is your thing babe and you’re ready to make some new friends with women who “get it” this is for you.

Come enjoy brunch and unlimited mimosas while networking with local business owners, diving deep and releasing all that no longer serves you.

A look at the schedule:[11-1130] Grab food/drinks, mix and mingle[1130-12] Introductions, share who you are/what you do[12-1230] Clearing, Healing, Activation Session[1230-1] Break out groups, get to know one another more[1-130] Mastermind discussion, ask for advice, share what you are needing[130-2] Mix and mingle, giveaways, wrap up

Ready to Brunch with Babes?Purchase your ticket now (cost: $35)

Brunch with Babes Host:Shelby St.clairSoul Alignment Activator & Business StrategistFounder of The Boss Lady