Sound Healing Journey into 2023

about this event

On 1/23/23 we will ring in the beautful energies of the upcoming year with a soul soothing sound journey; a first-time event at The Venice Love Shack!

We will disconnect from the strings of the outside world and ground back into our bodies for deep relaxation and renewal, supported by the healing frequencies emitted by crystal and 7-metal Himalayan singing bowls, Pluto the gong, magical chimes, and the sounds of nature. 

The number 23 is thought to be a sacred number with mystical properties, representing balance, harmony and luck. With the powers of the dark moon still in swing and retrograde energies past us, Monday will be an ideal day to go within to set intentions for ourselves and the collective – calling forth the magic we envision in our lives and the peace we wish to see in the world.

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses consistent healing tones to balance the body on a cellular level, calming the nervous system, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, moving stagnant emotional energy, and bringing harmony to the entire electro-magnetic field we exist within. Stephanie Breese facilitates this safe and sacred healing container, integrating the intention of love, reiki energy and light language into this multi-layered sound experience.

Since this eclectic space is not your typical yoga/meditation studio, there are no mats or cushions provided. Please plan to bring all of your own creature comforts to ensure you are warm and cozy inside this unheated indoor space. When the body drops into a deep state of rest, a slowed down heart rate can lower the body temperature, and gravity can make the bones feel heavy on the earth. Therefore it is important to prepare a soft surface and warmth for yourself to ensure there is no discomfort that might pull you out of a meditative state.

It is recommended to bring:

  • a yoga mat or single-size camping pad (due to space contraints please do not bring any oversize floor padding)
  • a blanket to cover the body – or sleeping bag!
  • a pillow to rest the head, and optionally a bolster under the knees to support the heaviness of the hips
  • socks and an extra layer
  • water (hydrate yourself afterwards in this high vibe water charged by sound and intention)
  • optional: crystals, a journal, and any other tools that support your spirit during this journey

The Venice Love Shack is located on Lincoln & Victoria Ave. Street parking is available in the area. Enter the studio through the door on Victoria Ave for direct access, or walk through the shop towards the back of the antiques space.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle yourself in!

The next Sol Salutation soundbath at this location is planned for February 14. Details to come!