Solar Eclipse: Sound Bath & Past Life Regression

about this event

Eclipse season is a time of great change and awakening. As the sun, moon and earth align every six months, the cosmic forces gather to expand consciousness, expedite grow, and restore harmony where life has come out of balance. The Solar Eclipse is a time of new beginnings and an opportune moment to get back into alignment with our soul’s purpose, and path.

To celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd we’ll gather to set powerful intentions that restore harmony and balance to our lives. We’ll connect to our inner worlds of metaphor and archetypal imagery to access the energy of awakening, renewal and change. And we’ll draw wisdom from our past life experiences to inform the direction we want to take.

Sound will guide our journey of regression, taking us deeper into the experience and expanding our state of consciousness to receive. Are you ready to access the emotional frequencies of balance and harmony? Are you ready to uncover memories stored within your unconscious that resonate with renewal, change, and growth? Then come join us for this very special journey!

What to expect:

**Breathing exercise to create inner resonance

**Vocal toning to align to higher consciousness

**Past Life Regression to awaken our memories

**Astrological insight to invite awareness

**Sound bath to rest in the potential of our creations