Sex Magic Ritual – Manifest the Year of your Dreams!

about this event

January 17th 7.30-11pm, Benk + Bo, London!

Join me for a night like no other as we gather as sisters, channelling our inner witch for this magical, potent ritual where we call on the power of our erotic energy to manifest our deepest desires!

Our sexual energy is our life force, our creativity, the energy that is literally used to create and give birth to life! But whilst our understanding of this nowadays may be limited to the creation of human life, for thousands upon thousands of years the Gods and Goddesses of the past, tribes and traditions have been attuned to the magnetic potential of this powerful source of energy that exists within us and have been using it to manifest their wildest dreams.

2020 is upon us and not only are we entering a new year but also a whole new decade! This is the time to release and let go of any heavy baggage from the last 10 years and tap in to our innate power to create our best year yet!

From work projects to personal goals, intimate relationships, health and wisdom; our sexual energy, when channelled correctly is a potent tool to bring our goals and intentions into fruition.

By setting an intention we will use our bodies as a sacred vessel, a portal for sensual, creative, life force energy that can be used to access spirit and the power of the divine.

In this ritual I will lovingly and safely support you in activating your sensual, erotic energy. Using techniques including breath, sound, movement, presence, awareness and self-touch I will guide you in moving your energy up your body and in to the third eye to support you in manifesting your vision.

During this sacred practice you will be on your own inner journey, but we will be harnessing the collective power of our fellow sister’s coming together to create a powerfully held and supportive container.

Guide to the evening:

7.30pm – Guests arrive
7.40pm – Introduction to the Evening
7.50pm – Opening circle & Intention setting
8.00pm – Powerful energy activation and cleansing Kundalini practices
8.30pm – Sex Magic Ritual
9.30pm – Integration
9.50pm – Sharing
10.10pm – Grounding techniques and guidance
10.30pm – End of gathering

During this ritual you will:

  • Manifest your dreams and desires, this could be related to work, career, seeing a project come into fruition, exploring your soul purpose, clarity on love and relationships, whatever it is that you are currently calling in.
  • Build a deeper relationship and connection to yourself which will show up and be reflected in all other relationships in your life.
  • Reclaim and celebrate yourself as a sensual, empowered woman increasing feelings of self-worth, confidence and femininity.
  • Discover a connection to your eroticism and see the divine power of sexual energy leaving you feeling vibrant, juicy and energised.
  • Access different states of consciousness, receive cosmic downloads and insights to support and guide you on your life’s journey.
  • Release emotional blocks and stagnant energy creating a clear, harmonious energy body for your erotic and life force energy to flow more freely.
  • Learn to activate and enhance your sexual energy and move it up your body for healing and manifestation.

Practical details:

When: Friday 17th of January 2020

Time: 7.30-11pm

Venue: Benk + Bo in the Yoga Studio which will be transformed into a candle lit Goddess Temple to hold our ritual. Nearest Tubes: Liverpool Street, Aldgate and Aldgate East.

Standard – £70

This includes a Sex Magic Ritual guide that you will receive after the event so you can continue your practice at home.

Who is this for?

This event is specifically for those who identify as female.

This is for women who are ready to connect deeply to their erotic energy and empower themselves to use their own medicine to magnetise and transform their lives.

No prior experience is necessary, this may be the first time you have heard the term “sex magic” and “manifestation”… all of you is welcome.

If you have a regular sex magic practice I invite you to join us and harness the powerful effects of group ritual in supporting your manifestation.

What to wear?

Please wear loose clothing and layers, any lingerie or underwear that makes you feel good. It is also useful to bring with you a shawl or sarong to lie down on.

Nudity is allowed, but certainly not necessary. You will be in invited to touch your body only as you feel comfortable and this can be done over or under clothing. However, we are working with the energy body and therefore touch need not be present at all to experience the powerful effects of this ritual.

What to bring?

Come curious and open hearted

A journal/ notepad and pen to jot down all your insights and desires

Your intention/ What you want to manifest – an email will be sent out with some guidance on this prior to the event

An item for the Altar

A bottle of water

No refunds up to 7 days before event.


Testimonial from previous Sex Magic Ritual:

“Thank you so much for having me and hosting the best ritual I have ever been to I am so honoured and grateful.

Woke up this morning feeling like myself for the first time in years. Was so incredible. I felt like a huge cleanse went through me at the beginning, wiping away stagnant and negative energy. Then so many flash backs that explained so much why I was feeling angry, ashamed, embarrassed and so unhappy with my body and external appearance and personality.

Then for the first I felt I embraced my inner goddess, and it is the most peaceful and in touch feeling I have ever felt in my life. For the first time in my life I felt this electrifying energy all over my body and never knew I could internally source it because it only happened when I was with certain men. I absolutely loved being in the moment and embracing the beautiful circle all together.” ~ Electra