Reiki I Certification with Reiki Masters Erika Bartolini & Dorothea Lucaci

about this event

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that exists in all things. It can be directed by the Reiki practitioner in a therapeutic session to harmonize the client’s body, mind, and spirit.

The Reiki practice has traditionally been passed down from teacher to student through sacred attunements that remain in the student for life.

In this Reiki I workshop you will receive the traditional training passed down from Dr. Usui’s lineage. You will learn how to channel and practice hands on healing with the traditional hand placements, and also learn how to use alternative positions with intuitive guidance.

Upon completion of the Reiki I Certification, you will be attuned to Universal Life Force Energy and the lineage of Reiki healers. The attunements will support you in accessing the gentle vibrations of Reiki with clarity, ease, and spiritual guidance.

Reiki energy can create a sense of balance, relaxation, and peace in those receiving it. When practiced long term it can support the process of personal growth, transformation, and maintenance of optimal health.

In this one day training you will receive your Reiki I certificate from Reiki Masters Erika Bartolini and Dorothea Lucaci who were trained at Maha Rose Center for Healing. From this training you will be ready to start giving your own professional Reiki sessions and be able to share Reiki with friends and family.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful day of self love and self care with all of you who are called to join us.

What To Expect:

-> Learn the history of Reiki from Dr. Usui’s lineage

-> Learn the Reiki principles

-> Master the traditional hand placements

-> Practice intuitive hand placements

-> Experiential learning by practicing in partners and groups

-> How to treat yourself, children, plants, and objects

-> Ethical practices and how to work with clients professionally

-> Receive a Reiki I certificate

We will be offering Reiki II training June 30th, the day after Reiki I training. For anyone interested in furthering their practice we are offering a reduced price for booking both events. Click here to find out more about the benefits of Reiki II


Dorothea Lucaci is a musician, poet, alternative healing artist, and eternal student. As she traveled along my own healing journey, thirsting for knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and self awareness, she became that which I was seeking. Dorothea is a Sound Healer, Astrologer, Reiki Master, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Integrative Hypno-Therapist & Life Coach, who loves to share the wealth of knowledge and experience she has acquired with other seekers awakening to their own soul dance, while holding sacred space for their personal transformation journey.

Erika Bartolini is a licensed psychotherapist, certified meditation instructor and a Reiki Master. Erika earned her meditation teacher’s certification through The Path and the Nalanda Institute. She earned her Reiki Master’s certification through Maha Rose. Erika is also certified through the Brian Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Erika helps her students to access the deeper parts of their minds and bodies to release old patterns and return to the natural state.