about this event

A monthly meet up for Reiki practitioners at Grand Street Healing Project, open
to all levels of attunement and experience. This is an opportunity for
self-healing & growth as we share this healing practice within our

The theme for June’s gathering is Healing Your Birthplace. Our Reiki Circle begins with introductions and discussion. After a guided
meditation and self-Reiki, we’ll break out into pairs to exchange
20-minute Reiki treatments. This is an opportunity to evolve our
practices and ask questions in a supportive, nurturing group. This is
also a chance to receive a treatment, which we don’t often get to do.

comfortable clothing and please bring water/tea
to stay hydrated. Blankets, mats, eye pillows, and light snacks are

Space is limited, so please purchase a ticket to reserve your spot.

Hosted by Kristen Sonntag, Reiki practitioner and host of Community Reiki and monthly soundbaths at Grand Street Healing Project.

About Kristen

Kristen Sonntag is a Reiki Master and musician.
Her line of crystal essence and aromatherapy mists, SPIRIT WORK, is a
tool to assist in healing work, meditation, and the creative process.
Kristen’s psychic abilities were activated as a child when she received
her introduction to crystal healing, Tarot, past life memories, and
communication with spirit. The spiritual gateway reopened to her as an
adult following a near-death experience after the birth of her son. Kristen’s work is
informed by the traditions of Hermeticism, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy,
and matrilineal folk magic. Kristen is also an Emmy-nominated television
producer and holds a BA in Psychology and Art from the University of
Virginia. Her vision encompasses integrating past life experiences and
ancestral trauma, and fostering compassion and inclusivity through