Peru 22

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Remember your purpose by deepening your understanding of a culture with ancient wisdom still ringing true today. Harmonize your balance with nature in the Andes Mountains of the Sacred Valley and the dense thriving jungle of the Amazon. Enrich your soul in ceremony facilitated by locals rooted in the medicines of Pachamama (Peruvian word: Mother Nature).

Experience a naturally rhythmic lifestlye for two weeks in COMMUNITY: locals, healers, guides & our special group of 8.

This is a video of our latest experience exploring Peru! We will go to Cusco, Sacred Valley, and the Amazon.

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Itinerary Flow: 

Our 2 week flow is in line with the Quetchuans (ancient Peruvian culture). The Flow will be broken up into 3 intentional phases representing 3 worlds.

  • Phase Condor: Heavenly Realm “Hanan Pacha”
    • Connecting to the Heavenely Realm through the heart
  • Phase Serpant: Under World “Uku Pacha”
    • Shedding layers to understand our vulnerable truth
  • Phase Puma: Middle World “Kay Pacha”
    • Living through the natural rhythms of Birth, Death, and Re-Birth


Cultural Immersion + Guided Ruin Tours + Despacho Ceremony + Lagunas of the Andes + 5 Day Amazon Experience + Ecstatic Dance + Medicine Ceremony + Cocao Ceremony + Healthy Locally Sourced Peruvian Cuisine + Live Local Music + Workshops + Breathwork/Movement + Pre-Retreat Group Call + Airport transportation from Cusco on retreat arrival + Shuttle transportation included + Opportunity to give back to community


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Reviews from Past Experiences:

  • “Feels like we lived a lifetime in a blink of an eye”
  •  “Seriously I can’t get over that trip. That’s all I’ve been talking about. Thank you so much! (Just felt like saying that)”
  • “I was super nervous! I’m really introverted so talking to random people that I have never met, gave me a bit of anxiety. But I was so wrong, everyone was so cool and loving. Didn’t care about your past or who you were, all that mattered to everyone was who you were right then and there. I want to base my entire life being in nature after this trip. You realize a lot of things when you’re disconnnected completely. Nature heals, like I said before. I think people just need to get out, get out of your “safe place” and seek discomfort. Go and meet new people, make new friends. Life is worth living, there’s no reason to be sad or have any bad feelings. Live it the way you want to…”

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