Permission To Be Powerful: A 4-Week Virtual Journey To Sovereignty

about this event

A 4-Week Path to Everything You Need to Know about Reclaiming Worth, Finding Happiness, and Trusting Your Own Authority.

Ready to reclaim and discover your power?

Permission To Be Powerful is signature online workshop led by Psychologist and Empowerment Guide Dr. Rachel Greenberg – designed to help you learn how to trust your own authority, feel more peace and cohesion, and get back to your true self.  

So you can finally… 

  • Find your confidence  
  • Heal dysfunctional patterns  
  • Build your self-worth and self-esteem  
  • Stop letting insecurities run the show 
  • Enrich and improve your relationships  
  • Understand what’s holding you back 
  • Set higher standards in all areas of your life!

Experience the true meaning of self-love. Learn how to attract what you want by living in alignment with your authentic needs. Learn how to accept your truth, access your desires, and honor what your heart wants.

In this online workshop series, which is unlike anything else you’ll find on the internet, you will: 

  1. Strengthen your confidence 
  2. Empower yourself to create meaningful changes in any area of your life 
  3. Learn what your false beliefs are, where they originate, and how to stop letting them hold you back 
  4. Declare that you deserve only what serves you 
  5. Take control of your boundaries  
  6. Be more present in your own life  
  7. Live from a place of choice and build autonomy 
  8. Self-Mother, Self-Father, and Self-Socialize your core wounds 
  9. Integrate insecurities with compassion 
  10. Each day, you’ll find guidance to explore barriers and behaviors that keep you small and stuck. You will discover how to begin creating bigger experiences of what you want more of. 
  11. And, so much more!

Permission To Be Powerful is a premium, self-paced and community-based online course created to heal dysfunctional patterns, optimize your potential, and reverse self-defeating patterns.

By the end of the series, you will 

  1. Understand who you truly are 
  2. Feel more enriched by your relationships 
  3. Connect more deeply to joy in your life 
  4. Raise your standards in realtionships, career, lifestyle 
  5. Feel like your most confident and powerful self 

This is an online curriculum and includes 1 60 minute commnity live call hosted by Dr. Rachel @heydrrachel – Clinical Psychologist and Empowerment Guide.

This course includes Everything You Need to Know about Reclaiming Worth, Finding Happiness, and Trusting Your Own Authority

It comes with: 

  • 13 Lessons  
  • 6 Meditations for Deep Cognitive Integration 
  • More than 50 Journal Prompts for Clarity and Action 
  • 1 60 minute community calls