Outdoor Community Sound Healing

about this event

The community is suffering from a lack of good sleep, feelings of sadness and frustration, and general anxiety. Sound healings (also called Sound Baths) are multi-instrument meditation and breathwork experiences that are universal and inclusive for all people, all ages, and all situations. This project is an intention to produce several public, free, community sound healings to support the mental and physical health of people from all walks of life and culture.

Sound baths are community based, focused on health, connect people to the natural elements and animals, and support the learning of how to regulate ones nervous system.

This is available to all ages, all groups… local organizations are welcome to offer it to their communities too

Although the Sound Healing will end around 11:30 am, local small businesses and organizations are welcome to stick around and share or facilitate anything they like that is regenerative and supportive to the mental and physical health of the community

This event is graciously brought to the community because of the incredible efforts of Civic Wellbeing Partners and The Human Relations Council (HRC) Santa Monica Bay Area which promote a culture of fair treatment, inclusion and equal access to opportunities.

So far, some local businesses that will also be sharing their support for the community’s mental wellbeing will be:

AROMACHAURA ~ aroma blends https://www.soulsistarmystique.com/ (@aromachaura_ssm)

Lunita Crystal Magic ~ crystal & custom jewelry https://www.lunitacrystalmagic.com (@lunita_crystal_magic)

Cosmic Labyrinth ~ apprenticeships for elemental knowledge https://www.cosmiclabyrinth.world/ (@cosmiclabyrinth.world)

Around 100 fresh, locally grown, vegan food offerings will be provided for free by Polo’s Pantry (@Polospantryla)