Origins of Love Retreat

about this event

It’s time to rewrite your love story with YOU as the main character…

The Origins of Love retreat is a sensational one-day, live in-person experience in the beautiful hill of Los Angeles for an intimate group of women who are ready to stand in their power and LOVE FROM LIBERATION!

Have you ever wondered why you experience certain patterns in your relationship, attract a particular type of partner or feel unseen and unmet in your intimate relationships?

Together we’ll explore unravel the the stories that have kept us from receiving the love we desire and rewrite our story to cultivate the love our hearts truly deserve. We’re deep diving into our hearts and exploring all things love, intimacy and relationship and coming through to the other side fully empowered.

At the Origins of Love Retreat we’ll luxuriate in the juiciness of:

🌻A magnificent private residence surrounded by nature

🌻Transformative workshops and healings sessions

🌻Breakthrough discussions and teachings

🌻Deep convos and healing on all things relationships, love & intimacy

🌻Genuine sisterhood, support & connection

🌻A delicious chef-prepared lunch with nourishing snacks

🌻Heart guidance and joy activation

Hosted by Tatiana Simone, The Heartbreak Doula ❤️‍🔥

Tatiana is a certified Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Healer and a Spirit-led Nature Practitioner and Medicine Woman. She infuses her knowledge of energetics, conscious relating, somatic healing, self-exploration, Earth stewardship and spiritual divination with her deep wisdom gained from her own experiences of moving through heartbreak to support women in allowing their experiences in relationships to be a catalyst that reconnects them to their true nature.

This retreat is experience is a space of deep connection, transformation, acceptance and a whole lotta fun!

We’re heal in community. Offer yourself the gift of being in beautiful connection to sisterhood while honoring the depths of your heart.

If you feel a resonance in your heart, this retreat is for YOU ✨

Join us Saturday, October 21st

*Limited spots will be available to maintain the intimacy and direct guidance that this space will offer