Reiki + Integrative Coaching

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Reiki and Integrative Coaching in the heart of the Mojave high desert.

Rohini Walker is an Indian-born, British writer, energy worker, integrative coach + mentor who has been planted in the Mojave Desert for almost a decade. She was initiated as a Master Practitioner in the Usui Reiki system in 2009, and is also trained in various styles of meditation practice and energy work. 

During her time in the desert, Rohini has been immersed in learning, practicing, and teaching somatic experiencing, shadow integration, dream and archetypal work – which, along with her experience in energy work, she integrates to create customized coaching and mentoring offerings.

Rohini’s approach is based on tending and relating to, rather than trying to fix. From here, the many layers of a person’s system can organically find its way towards spacious resolution. In this way, individuals are empowered to fearlessly connect, align with and step into their authentic purpose.

If you’d prefer just Reiki without a coaching program, or just coaching without Reiki, email Rohini at:

Virtual coaching + mentoring sessions are also available.

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