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Principles of Circadian Nutrition experience at CAMPO VISTA OJAI

Spend the weekend at the stunning CAMPO VISTA Ranch in Ojai, CA learning how to sync your diet and lifestyle with nature’s clock, the sun! Led by Natural health expert Nicolas Torrent, Sunrise Yoga by Krystina Holbrook. Three Solar Nutrition meals served on Saturday, Culinary skills training on Sunday.

This workshop was developed to simplify and “un-confuse” people from all the diet fads and overwhelming/ contradicting information around nutrition and natural health.

The Structure of the course is as follows:

Saturday morning we will discuss the relationship between nature’s clock (the sun, circadian rhythm) and nutrition and how they affect the functions and efficiency of our bodies. We refer to this lecture as the “external terrain/environment” part of the workshop, Familiarizing ourselves with the rhythm and pace of nature (outside of us)

Saturday afternoon lecture will focus on how our Internal terrain works, this represents our bodies’ functions, presented in a very simplified and easy to understand way. We then connect the dots between our external environment (“terrain”) and our internal environment, so we can synchronize them for overall well being.

Saturday classes take place in our outdoor classrooms, the olive grove and the sunset pagoda, with stunning views of the Ojai mountains and magical sunsets, the perfect setting to analyze and discuss circadian rhythms and watch the sun shift phases until it sets (Approx 5:50pm)

Sunday will be a blast! We all head down to Ojai’s farmers market and source ingredients, We then head back to the ranch and prepare meals together throughout the day. The intention for Sunday is to have all attendees learn how to prepare simple Circadian Rhythm relevant meals, so they can all go home with a tangible skill that can be used everyday to optimize their personal programs and health. Sunday will take place in our outdoor kitchen, we will continue the dialogue and conversation about Circadian Rhythms as well as discuss kitchen techniques and skills (i.e.knife skills, texture, temperature, raw vs cooked, debunking myths, etc)

There will be plenty of free time to relax, enjoy the stunning property, exercise, chat/connect with other attendees etc.

Both days will commence with Sunrise yoga by Krystina Holbrook over the avocado orchard.

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7:15am – Sunrise Yoga with Krystina Holbrook
8:30am – Meet & greet at Campo Vista for property hike and first lecture about morning sunrise food phase
9:30am – Breakfast is served. Handmade breakfast (Growth Zone One)
10:30-11:15 – Solar Nutrition Intro Workshop: Learn Solar Nutrition Basics
11:15-11:45 – Break- Stretch
11:45-12:30pm – Quality of Food Workshop: Learn the 3 steps to determine food quality
12:45-1:45 – Lunch is served. (Growth Zone Two)
2:30pm-3:15 – Natural Health Workshop: How the body works, terrain theory.
3:15-3:45 – Break- Stretch
3:45-4:30 – Farmers market plan- choose and assign/ ingredients plan dishes for Sunday Culinary training
4:30pm – Freetime/Workshop ends
6:00pm – Dinner is served. (Growth Zone Three)


7:15am – Sunrise Yoga with Krystina Holbrook
8:30am – Farmers Market: Get your ingredients (assigned to you from Saturday’s class) at the Farmers Market. Eat breakfast in Ojai or bring back to the Ranch
10:30am – Hands-on Culinary Workshop: Culinary Techniques using your farmers market ingredients (Daytime food phase)
12:30pm – Lunch on the Ranch. Enjoy the food you prepared in class
1:30pm – Free time: Take a walk or a snooze around the property, enjoy the sun!
2:15pm – Tipi Meditation
2:30 – Hands-on Culinary Workshop: Culinary Techniques using your ingredients from the farmers market (Nighttime Food Phase)
6:30pm – Sunset! Closing Dinner Celebration on the Ranch