Mt Shasta Retreat: I AM on the Mountain

about this event

An intimately intentional journey recognizing who we are and who we have always been. A purposefully curated wellness adventure guiding you into a deeper understanding of yourself…all of yourself. The parts we hide and the aspects of ourselves we have yet to discover. We will recall our essence through sacred locations in the powerfully majestic area of Mt. Shasta.


We have currated an experience to give you the freedom to focus on culitvating life within/outside yourself. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey through meditation, breathwork, movement, sound journey, workshops, and an intentionally nutritious culinary experience. 

As a community we will evolve consciousness, nurture health, reveal our soul, and cultivate life. 


Day 1: Who I AM

  • Settle In
  • Opening Ceremony @ Shasta Springs
  • Dinner @ local restaurant
  • Letting Go and Beoming Bonfire Workshop

Day 2: I AM Becoming

  • Juice/Breakfast @ Home
  • Off the Beaten Path waterfall hike through streams
  • Guided Mantra Workshop
  • Provided Lunch @ Castle Lake
  • Cold Water Immersion @ Heart Lake
  • Dinner and Bonfire

Day 3: I have always Been

  • Wellness Morning
  • Juice/Breakfast
  • Exploring Sacred Natural Wonder
  • Lunch in Town
  • Special Fire Experience
  • Intimate biotuning Sound Journey
  • Dinner @ Home
  • Dancing Celebration

Day 4: I AM that I AM

  • Big Breakfast
  • Check out
  • Final Goup Site Outing
  • Relfection/gift Giving
  • Closing Ceremony


  • 3 Night/4 Day stay at House on the River
  • In House Chef cooking a delicious and nutrutious creative cuisine
  • Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and intentional Workshops from our experienced practitioners
  • Bio-Tune Intimate Sound Bath
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Guided Nature Tour
  • And so much more!