Moonday Lunar Yoga Flow & Yoga Nidra Meditation for Relaxation & Deep Sleep

about this event

Are you having trouble sleeping? 

Are you feel really anxious? 

Is your nervous system feel zapped? 

Relax and let your day go. Come and gently flow then meditate while in savasana!  

The asanas in the sequence are chosen to help move your body into a restful state. Then the Yoga Nidra mediation is like the cherry on top! You’ll feel nice a gooey after this class!  

Moonday Lunar Flow and Yoga Nidra is meant to tune into the Yin/Lunar energies of Mondays (the day of the Moon). 

This class guides you to experience a more introspective practice; postures are held longer and move into deeper stretches. 

The asanas will allow you to create space in your body and your mind. The practice invites you to explore the thoughts and beliefs that we hold in our hearts and minds. 

During the time in practice, you will learn how to witness and welcome all that shows up. 

After the asana practice, it’s time to access your subconscious mind in Yoga Nidra meditation (just imagine a super long savasana).

With continued practice of Yoga Nidra, you are able to rewire your brain during meditation…neuroplasticity. You can actually change your belief systems. 

Yoga Nidra is deeply soothing to the nervous system, moving the body from the sympathetic state of “fight, flight, freeze” to the parasympathetic state of “rest, digest and restore”.  Yoga Nidra is also crucial in helping manage stress and anxiety.