Monday Night Healing Clinic

about this event

Behind every issue in your life there is a spiritual or energy level cause that it’s there. This is true whether it’s a money, relationship, emotional, spiritual or physical health issue in your life. One powerful way that helps to rapidly facilitate the ability to heal is an energetic reading.  

You can heal or change old patterns or emotional wounds and remove your own blocks or those from others. Healing clinics give you the opportunity to receive an energetic reading and healing from one of our clairvoyant students or a graduate from the clairvoyant program.

At a healing clinic, the healing will focus on one issue, and will last about 15-20 minutes. A healing is a great way to experience our reading and healing style. 

Healing clinics are first come, first served, so arrive early to sign in and find out more about what will happen.

When your turn comes, you’ll be matched with readers who will hear your question and spend about 15 minutes describing your energy and how it relates to your question. A short energy healing, where the readers work with your energy to bring it into present time, finishes your session.

Healings are $20 for visitors and free for current Psychic Horizons students and is offered online via Zoom.