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Join wellness coach, Jennifer Cox for a month of guided 45 minute mindfulness meditation sessions through the month of March. Jennifer will be leading traditional 30 minutes of specific mindfulness practices along with a short Q&A depending on the time. Whether you have years of practice or are a newby this course is geared for everyone. This is a chance to re-connect to yourself and be supported by community during your week.

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that is rooted in many traditions. There are countless practices that can be done on and off the cushion and are highly useful throughout your day and life to bring you back into the current moment, into your body, and enhance deeper connection. So often we are caught up in thought and emotion that we have lost the awareness of what is around us at this moment. Anxiety, restlessness, fear, worry, and many health issues tend to be rooted in our spinning habitual mind-state. Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that helps break the habitual, bring you out of your mind-state, and shift you back into a more embodied state. Over time, studies have shown countless benefits from these practices including; a feeling of greater connection to self and others, less anxiety and worry.

March 7th-31th

Sundays & Wednesdays: 6:30-7:15pm PST

To learn more go to www.junebotanicals.com

*Zoom link will be provided after sign up.

ALL are welcome.