Mindful Mornings at the Ace Hotel

about this event

Join us Upstairs at the Ace Hotel for a guided meditation session.

Learn how to bring more mindfulness in your every day life. This session will leave you feeling more balanced and grounded. By working with our breath we will learn how to quiet the mind and tune into the present moment. This meditation technique will help you synchronize body and mind and cultivate more clarity and stability. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation and the wisdom of Buddha’s ancient teachings, you will learn how to work with strong emotions, release thought patterns and invite stillness and peace in body and mind.

All are welcome & no previous experience is necessary. Free for Hotel Guests.

About Mantras & Mixtapes

We create intimate, authentic journeys in idyllic destinations, incorporating daily mindful practices, physical activities and guided group excursions while offering the opportunity for solitude and self reflection.

Our emphasis is on being authentic, rather than trying to fit in. We celebrate women as much as men, we enjoy stillness as much as Rock’n’Roll concerts, we drink smoothies as much as we drink whiskey. We are perfectly imperfect. We are real.