Meet the Hacker @ Beverly Hills: How to Hack Your Lymphatic System

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Learn how to hack your lymphatic system with the founders of Ballancer®Pro. Get the secrets at Upgrade Labs “Meet the Hacker Night”.

Join the Upgrade Labs community at our monthly Meet the Hacker Speaker Series. Every month we bring experts in the fields of biohacking, physical fitness, health, functional medicine, cognitive performance, human optimization, science and more together to learn, engage and UPGRADE.

Be a part of the Upgrade Labs community, at either of our lab locations this month, as we learn how to hack your lymphatic system with the Ballancer®Pro team. Ballancer®Pro is an integral part of the biohacking community and the makers of one of our most popular upgrades at Labs- the “Big Squeeze.”

Meet the Hacker nights are free and open to our Upgrade Labs members and the community. If you’re looking for an easy way to show your friends how Upgrade Labs works and how we can help upgrade their lives, then invite them to this event to see what it’s all about.

We’ll have light refreshments, insightful talks from Ballancer®Pro’s CEO Elena Scholl and a fantastic opportunity to have meaningful conversations with people who want the same thing you do.