about this event

Join Meditation Circle (led by Carli Michelle*) for Renew & Refresh, a monthly mindful yoga, breath work, and meditation event designed to help you let go of stress, quiet the mind, and find stillness & inner peace. 

*Carli Michelle is an attorney turned Founder of Meditation Circle. Visit www.meditationcircle.co to learn more about her story.

What: Meditation Circle’s Renew & Refresh Event

Date: Wednesday May 10, 2023 

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Location: Muse Coffee Studio | 747 S Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60612

This session includes: 

  • quick + gentle yoga practice to help you release tension in the body
  • guided breath work session to allow you to disconnect from your thinking mind 
  • guided meditation to nurture equanimity 
  • journaling (if you would like)
  • mingling with like minded attendees 

Preparing for the session:

  • no prior experience is necessary, and all levels are welcome 
  • the session will begin promptly at 6:45 PM
  • please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat.
  • You may also like to bring anything that will make you feel cozy and supported, such as water, eye/sleep masks, journals, pillows, and/or blankets
  • none of the above props are required; they are optional (and recommended) tools for you to find support