Mantra Meditation: Invoking the Buddha of Healing

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Mantra Meditation : Invoking the Buddha of Healing

” Prayer is talking to God, Mantra meditation is an effort to still the mind so that we can listen to HIM “

A Mantra is a sacred utterance of a single or a group of words which has been used for the purpose of spiritual awakening, contentment , fulfillment and healing. Mantra meditation has the remarkable ability to fill our self with love, compassion, increase mindfulness, release stress if and when practiced regularly.

With regular practice, the sound vibration of the mantra could transform and heal blockages such as trauma, addictions and emotional issues. When one is experiencing meaningless, hopelessness, disease , a deep sense of loneliness, depression and mental states sometimes referred to as the “Dark night of the soul”, mantra meditation can be most beneficial.

In this class we will chant the mantra to invoke the Buddha of Healing :

oṃ bhaiśajye bhaiśajye mahābhaiśajye bhaiśajyarāje samudgate svāhā.

“Bhaisajya” means “healing efficacy,” while “Guru” means “teacher” or “Master or S/He who shows the light in the darkness “. Thus he’s the “ King of healing.” ie Bhaisajyaraja, “raja” meaning “king.”

The mantra of the meditation Buddha could roughly be translated as ” Appear, O Healer, O Healer, O Great Healer, O King of Healing!”

Note : It is most ideal to sit for meditation on an empty stomach and avoid coffee before the meditation practice.

Kartkeya is a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach and a Meditation Teacher who focuses mainly on people who have Digestive issues. He has meditated using techniques in mantra medication for 17 years as learnt from many Masters in India. . He has gone through very intense mental and emotional phases, some of them the ” Dark night of the soul “. He found my solace through meditation alone and the fulfillment was almost miraculous. Being from an Indian background and having stayed in India for a large part of his life has been very helpful in acquiring wisdom in both these subjects that he is most passionate about ie Meditation and Ayurveda and Healing. You can know more about him on


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