Lunch & Learn: Break Free From Self-Limitations

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 Are you a Business Owner or Decision Maker of a new or existing Small Business?

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Join me @thebossladyagency for a monthly Lunch & Learn workshop focused on the foundational aspects of building and scaling a small business with topics like: goal setting, personal development, mindset, motivation, offer development, pricing, legal setup, money acquisition, etc.

THIS MONTH: Break Free From Self-Limitations

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN:– How to break out of negative repeating patterns- Strategies for reframing the way you look at challenges and fear- The process of Plan, Do, Review and how to stay on an upward cycle of success- How to create your own success track to come back to whenever you feel stuck

Many entrepreneurs & small businesses fail to make the progress they desire or achieve the goals they dream of. Not because you lack the ability but because fear takes over. The mind is a powerful tool and it can create a cycle of negative repeating patterns that hold you back.

In order for you to reach your goals and achieve the life and business of your dreams, you need to start by taking radical responsibility for your life and the direction you’d like to take. It requires clarity and conviction that what you desire is yours for the taking.

During this workshop I will take you through strategies and exercises to help you identify mindset blocks or negative habits that might be holding you back.

WHO THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR:Are you ready to learn more effective ways to approach challenges that arise? Would you love to learn how to keep forward momentum in the long run and how to create a back-up plan you can refer back to whenever you’re feeling stuck?

If that’s a yes, then this is the perfect workshop for you!

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INCLUDED WITH YOUR TICKET:– Lunch provided by @allinthejars- Workshop with Shelby of The Boss Lady Agency- Cowork Day Pass for MESH Space (available from 7am-5pm)- 20% off all handcrafted beverages from the in-house Espresso Lounge.

UPON ARRIVAL:– Check in with a MESH team member at the onsite Espresso Lounge with your name/ID- Head inside to the Cowork Lounge, then into the Large Conference Room, and find yourself a seat.

See you there!

Questions? Send a DM to Shelby St.clair on Instagram @thebossladyagency or email