Lion’s Den Play Pen

about this event

All of you is welcome here – the entire gamut of human expression – but in this container, we’re mostly gonna laugh and play 

Please arrive by 6:30! We will begin by 6:45. The Lion’s Den Play Pen experience will last about 1.5 hours (but please don’t look too closely at the clock. It’ll go as long as it goes!) We have the space until 9pm, so we will have beautiful spaciousness to simply BE once the soundbath portion is done.

My name is Shanna and I’ll be your host for the evening! 

This loosely structured event will get you in your body, will have you embodying your inner animal, and will help you unlock your voice. This is a safe space to express and play and be the dopest kids on the playground.

We will start with some light movement to welcome us into the space. Where will it go from there? Definitely play. Beyond that, Come and find out!

We’ll wind down the night with a short sound bath – because lions love to relax.

I can’t wait to play with you!