Karuna Reiki Master Training and Certification

about this event

This training is Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm.

Are you ready to level up your practice?

This special Reiki Master training is the next step for Reiki Masters of any lineage. Karuna Reiki® energies complement Usui Reiki energy beautifully. It’s the essence of Divine Compassion, and translates to compassionate action. Holy Fire Reiki® energy supports us in becoming whole and complete, as well as embracing our authentic self while healing our culturally-created personality.  

This training will prepare you to use the Karuna symbols in Reiki sessions and teach all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki and Karuna/Holy Fire® III Reiki®, if desired. You will be introduced to eight practitioner symbols, one master symbol and multiple attunements (called ignitions). The symbols for Karuna Reiki® energies have very specific uses. 

They include: – Assisting to heal the Earth – Clearing fears, past trauma, abuse, karmic patterns, etc. – Connecting to your Higher Self and improving intuition – Harmonization, balance and stronger grounding – In addition to the symbols, you’ll learn the following and more: – How to facilitate Karuna Reiki® and Holy Fire® meditations and group healings – Give advanced treatments with all Karuna Reiki® and Holy Fire® symbols – Additional techniques for self-practice and client work This training is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice time. 

Class fee includes all training materials including: a class manual, supplemental materials, a certificate backed by The International Center for Reiki Training, ongoing teacher mentorship, a private forum and event opportunities. 


Led by: Jissel Ravelo

Jissel Ravelo is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Teacher and founder of Upsoul Center. Her down-to-earth and practical approach to a holistic lifestyle has earned her raving reviews amongst clients, publications and colleagues. In 2007, seeking relief from a long and painful battle with depression and anxiety, Jissel transformed with the very techniques and practices she now shares. One of her gifts is to simplify complex ideas and help others turn their struggles into everyday wisdom. She is trained and certified in various healing arts such as: Usui, Karuna and Shamanic Reiki, Holistic Counseling, Meditation, Sound Healing and others. To learn more about her approach, visit https://www.jisselravelo.com/