Juicy Ladies Embodiment Retreat at the Yuba River

about this event

 Join our JUICY community for restorative, inspiring and hedonistic retreats focused on deepening your sense of feminine embodiment and joyful connection.

(If these dates don’t work for you, check out the other Juicy Ladies Retreat happening on June 13-17!)

On this retreat, you’ll join an intimate group of wild and wise women for an adventure into your juiciest self. Nestled in the heart of Sierra gold country, the Yuba River is a gentle and magical river, that wanders over sensuously soft, curved rocks. The water is the perfect temperature in the summer, warm enough to play, explore and float in all day long, but cool enough to be refreshing. Mamma Yuba offers an abundance of shallow pools to chill and read in, canyons to rock scramble through, cliffs to leap from or low key rapids for body surfing.

PLAY in the water

ADVENTURE into your true self

LIBERATE your natural way of being

OPEN to more pleasure, playfulness and joy

DANCE under the moonlight

DELIGHT in juicy girl talk with tea, tokes and treats

UNWIND with gentle yoga

EXPLORE the welcoming paradise of private river pools

NOURISH your beautiful body with wholesome meals, movement and fresh air

CONNECT with a crew of other conscious women

CELEBRATE your womanly beauty in a riverside photo session

CREATE a juicy vision to live by

HEAL from the stress of the past 2 years

Each retreat is limited to 13 participants. All self-identified women are welcome.

BIPOC are invited to apply for a partial scholarship by emailing britt@brittfohrman.com.

If these dates don’t work for you, check out the other Juicy Ladies Retreat happening on June 13-17!

Join our JUICY community for restorative, inspiring and hedonistic retreats focused on deepening your sense of feminine embodiment and joyful connection.

This retreat will help you…

– Experience more ease in your body and less stress in your mind

– Get into a daily rhythm of practicing yoga and meditation

– Make a bunch of amazing friends.

– Fill up with pleasure

– Reconnect to nature and her wisdom

– Find out what gives you pleasure and how to have more of it

– Set healthy boundaries throughout all areas of your life

In a nutshell, this retreat is for you if…

– You want to feel more confident in your own skin

– You’re exhausted and need rest and renewal

– You want to learn more about how to practice yoga to increase your pleasure

– You want an adventurous and restful vacation where you don’t have to plan a thing

– You want to renew your creative inspiration

This retreat will wash away the stress of the past two years and bring you back into a joyful and easeful relationship with your body and being.

We will remind you how to have fun (if you have forgotten) and validate that fun is an essential element to a happy, healthy life.

Think of it like a reunion with your favorite grown up women who want to have fun and be wild in a healthy way.

Each day includes:

– Juicy, gentle and restorative yoga 

– Nourishing and delicious meals. 

– River time (solo and/or with the group). 

– Plenty of time to do what gives you pleasure: You can get a massage, take a nap in the shade, draw or journal, go hiking, or explore our private river canyon. 

– Embodiment practices, circle time and rituals including evening practice under the stars.


– Each guest receives a Juicy Ladies goodie bag with delightful treats curated with your pleasure in mind.

– Each guest can choose to receive a riverside photo session by Britt.

– Register now for one of this summer’s magical adventures!

Your JUICY retreat includes your accommodations, meals, morning yoga, embodiment practices, cannabis/ CBD, JUICY photography by Britt, access to private river and creek spots, yoga nidra under the stars, a magical riverside earth medicine ceremony and a goodie bag. Massages are available, but not included.

Hear what some participants have to say about the Juicy Ladies Retreats:

“Britt creates a loving, supportive container where we can experience the healing waters of the Yuba, combined with her unique form of yoga. I left the retreat feeling refreshed, renewed, and connected to other sisters- truly juicy ladies- and ready to face the world again! The morning yoga was wonderful! The daytime river, so relaxing and renewing! The nourishing meals, so delicious! I loved meeting amazing, empathic and magical ladies!” Fumiko

“The whole retreat felt very supported. It was incredibly organized with contingency plans thought through. I loved how we each had the ability to hold our own boundaries. So much is allowed. However we felt was valued. I also loved having the private river access. It was all pretty perfect.” Angie 

“Some highlights for me were the movement and sound practices for creating space in my body and simply practicing being in my body. I appreciated having the freedom to explore being in community with other women, that was hugely powerful for me.”

“I really valued Britt’s knowledge, teaching, and openness to share! I love learning from other women and am so grateful to Britt for providing such a welcoming and safe space to be expressive. And last but not least, the photos! They helped me to feel so IN MY POWER. Looking back at them, I am reminded to adjust my crown, step into my power and own my life.” Leslie

“Being in the company of women is so powerful! Our shared experience allows us to see each other for our true nature and rest in a deep understanding of what it is to be a woman, among other women. Especially for ladies who feel competition with other women, the Juicy Ladies Retreat is extremely potent to strip away preconceived notions and – like the Yuba itself – smooth out the edges so we can flow with ease. Britt is a dedicated facilitator who is so skilled at creating a container of safety, openness, and playfulness! Everything is optional – but everything is also chosen with intention and care. I always make deep connections with women at the retreats – including my inner divine feminine self!” Carolyn

“The Juicy Ladies Retreats give us intentional space to tend to our juiciness in a container that is perfectly held for us, so that we don’t have to “do the work” of creating that container for ourselves, which can feel overwhelming for busy, over-worked women in our culture. Plus—the community is AWESOME— I’ve never felt so comfortable in a group of women in my entire life. Britt creates the perfect space for complete relaxation and connection with ourselves, with our bodies and with other women. “ Isabel

The Juicy Ladies Retreats are here to replenish your reserves and bring you back into your most luscious way of being in both practical and magical ways. We explore transformative practices and rituals that will infuse your whole life with more inspiration, balance, clarity and enjoyment.

Join us at the Yuba River this summer for some nervous system resetting in community with a bunch of other gals who pray in communion with the water, rocks, plants and great mystery. 

 If you don’t see availability for the accommodations you desire, email britt@brittfohrman.com to find out about other options that may be available.