Journey to Your Akashic Records & Accelerate Your Personal/Spiritual Growth

about this event

With Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHt.

The Akashic Records are a storehouse of information in heaven or on a nonphysical plane that holds all living beings’ thoughts, words, and actions from the past, present, and future. Your Akashic Records hold the information of your soul’s journey’s past, present, and future.

In this special event, you’ll embark on an inner journey to connect with your Akashic Records of your soul’s information to understand yourself, your life, and the lessons and contracts you made in this lifetime. You can use that key information to enhance your current life.

Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, and a Certified Hypnotherapist, will guide the group into a hypnotic trance, a relaxed state where you can receive information more easily from your subconscious mind – that deep part of you that contains knowledge that is beyond conscious awareness. This part also stores information about the past, present, and future, holding the key to the wisdom forgotten or yet to be attained (from the linear perspective). It is the launching pad for your journey to your Records.  

During this workshop, you will be guided to:  

““* Meet a spirit guide who will encourage you and help you gain insight.  

““* Discover knowledge that you can bring back and use to enhance your present consciousness.  

““* Obtain wisdom to help you right now in this present moment.  

““* Attain information from your Records that can support you with your vision and goals.  

““* Learn more about your life purpose, soul lessons, and soul contracts.  

““* Receive guidance on how to use this knowledge to accelerate your personal/spiritual development.  

““This event is a wonderful opportunity to explore a powerful personal transformation tool on your journey to creating an inspired and empowered life!

About Nanci: 

Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHt., has been deemed the go-to authority as a holistic psychotherapy practitioner. She helps people accelerate the process of becoming the best versions of themselves. Nanci is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, now for over 30 years, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming™ (NLP), and a Certified Intuitive-Energy Coach.  

Nanci, as an Intuitive Breakthrough Expert, is the Founder and Producer of “The Inspired & Empowered Living TV Show,” airing Tuesdays at 11:00 am Eastern on The show has been running for over seven years and is heard on 12 other podcast sites, including iHeartRadio.  

As an author, she appears in the books Harmony in Chakras Vol. 1 and the International Best-Seller Harmony in Chakras Vol. 2.  

Nanci’s expertise and passion have put her on a fast track to helping as many people as she can through the utilization of her healing modalities in accessible ways. Her counseling, coaching, popular internet webinars, appearances on a variety of podcasts and TV shows, and speaking to large groups have helped transform many lives.

Nanci uniquely combines her counseling, coaching, and intuitive abilities to facilitate, educate, and motivate individuals to transform their personal and professional lives. She leads groups and training programs that help take attendees to the next levels of intuition, income, and impact for an inspired and empowered life!