Introduction to: The Ayurvedic Life Sciences

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Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life knowledge’. It is the name of the world’s oldest, most comprehensive health system, which offers unique insight into creating balance among all facets of wellness — physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual — using tools such as diet, plant remedy, daily schedule and lifestyle practices, movement and yoga, meditation, breath work, color, and aromatherapy to establish harmony between body, mind, and the natural world.

According to Ayurveda, the body/mind (gifts given to you!) are interfaces which allow you to live in continual interaction with the environment that is the basis of your existence. Action taken to cultivate cooperation and harmony between body/mind and the environment will yield the symptoms of health that lay the foundation for true happiness and longevity. As preventative well-care, Ayurveda is behavioral medicine at its finest, making it a science of personal responsibility — one which trains you first intellectually, then intuitively, to make intelligent decisions. Intelligent decisions are the ones that create the internal conditions for the symptoms of health to arise within you. Ayurveda’s offers a simple approach, without being simplistic; its teachings are the ultimate, practical ‘users manual’ for how to make decisions that result in efficiency, flow, and ease in your life.

This course will familiarize you with the principles of Ayurveda that teach how to identify the organization of your unique mind/body type, then interpret the information entering your system through your senses. The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for understanding how your physiology and psychology work together, and how to use the things you are engaging with each day, knowingly and unknowingly, through environment, society, lifestyle, and diet, as tools to cultivate the state of body and state of mind of your own choosing.

Each class will be a lecture followed by Q+A and may be taken individually or as a comprehensive course (recommended). Light assignments (challenges!) will be given between classes, and class notes will be emailed to those registered.

Classes run 7-9PM on Zoom.
Zoom links will be sent the day of class.

Full Course | $225
Early-bird through Jan 6, 2021 | $200
Single / Drop-in Class | $27
*course and classes by donation available to those in financial hardship: please contact me directly at to discuss.

Class 1, Jan 12 | History and Modern Application of Ayurveda: What is Health & Disease?
Class 2, Jan 19 | Doshic Theory: Vata, Pitta, Kapha & Prakriti: Your Design
Class 3, Jan 26 | The Six Tastes: Diet for your Design
Class 4, Feb 2 | The Ayurvedic Clock Part 1: Tides of Life
Class 5, Feb 9 | Digestion, Agni & The 7 Tissue Layers
Class 6, Feb 16 | Ama & Ojas
Class 7, Feb 23 | Stages of Disease Development
Class 8, March 2 | The Gunas: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas & Meditation
Class 9, March 9 | Food Sadhana: Yogic Diet & How to Eat
Class 10, March 16 | The Ayurvedic Clock, Part 2: Dinacharya

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