Holiday Candle Making Workshop

about this event

The Art of Candle Making for the Holidays

Come learn how to make scented coconut wax candles using eco-friendly, nontoxic ingredients! Our candle making workshops are a great way to learn a new craft and a fun, creative activity for individuals and groups. This workshop will be holiday-themed with seasonal winter scents and holiday decorations.

Candle Making Basics:

We’ll start with an introduction to the basics: the different types of wax available, heating wax, mixing essential oils and fragrances to create unique scents and general candle maintenance. We’ll also share our personal techniques, and tips and tricks on how to make the best candles.

Creating Custom Scents:

In this workshop, we’ll have a variety of scents to choose from, including seasonal scents for fall/winter. You’ll learn how to create your own custom scents and hand-pour two coconut wax candles to take home.

Personalized Decorations:

While the candles are setting, you’ll also have the opportunity to personalize and decorate your candles and gift boxes. For this workshop, we’ll have Halloween decorations too.

All Tools & Supplies Provided:

All necessary tools and supplies – coconut wax, essential oils and fragrances, cotton wicks, amber glass jars, labels, and decorations – will be provided along with snacks and drinks. As part of this class, you’ll be creating two candles in 4 oz (8 oz, if you purchase VIP tickets) amber glass jars with black lids.

About This Candle Company:

This Candle Company was founded by Vicki Liao out of a love for candles, all things DIY and green living. She started by experimenting with making candles from nontoxic and eco-friendly ingredients for herself, family and friends. This evolved into starting a small business to teach candle making workshops with a friend and design a retail collection of clean burning scented candles. Our goal is to share our passion for candles with others and have fun along the way. All of our candles are hand poured in Los Angeles and made with sustainable coconut wax and premium essential oils and fragrance oils that are free of phthalates. For more information, go to