Healing with Sensuality Journey

about this event

Awaken the power of your sensuality with me for this seasonal journey where we will create a sacred space between us through ritual, practice, and botanicals.

There is no better place to explore your full self, embody your raw truth and create the most magnetic life than from the comfort of your own, familiar homes — your house and body. The most sacred place of your life and the way through which you can manifest your dream life from, your body deserves it all! 

The brazilian sisters call it “o milagre secreto”, the secret miracle.

Having embodied this journey for the past 7 years, I can now speak from experience. If I’m being totally honest here, this journey started when I was 7 years old, not 7 years ago. That’s when my body experienced her first traumatic abuse. You can read more about me on my website, but I’ll keep it short: Healing with Sensuality saved my life. It has liberated me from deep wounds and traumas. It has given me a new and the most powerful unspoken language. It has activated my creative powers. It has restored my inner peace, wisdom and life purpose. And it has created the dream-come-true life filled with miracles of prosperity, happiness and pleasure. 

What does Healing with Sensuality actually mean?

  • It means becoming aware of all emotions, honestly accepting them and allowing your body to express it in a healthy way without conditions and suppressions within a respectful space. This is the first step to heal.
  • It means expanding your capacity to gain and use the information captured through your body’s senses to turn on/up your life! — Scientific reports have shown that most humans live unaware of more than 50% of the information their body is capable of process and become conscious of at same time. In other words, you are living life unaware of more than half of your body’s senses abilities (sight, hearing, olfactory, touch, smell, vestibular and proprioception) and more susceptible to living a less fulfilling life.
  • And lastly, it means you’re equipped with your body’s language to ignite pleasure, love and all the higher frequency states of being in whichever ebb and flow come your way! This is the most magical path to achieve self-sovereignty!

Why should you join the Healing with Sensuality journey?

Allow me to express the [enter any judgmental or critical type of attribute here] thoughts you may have had the past days, weeks or years…

  • “I no longer want to live life in an ordinary and unfulfilling way”
  • “I am done putting others’ priorities in front of mine”
  • “I am busting my ass off to my 9-5 job every week, but I keep daydreaming with that one day when my life has a purpose and I feel fired up and a sense of fulfillment”
  • “I know I must make time for myself and my body because I am sacred and should not depend on anyone else to feel worshiped as a Goddess!”
  • “I am done with not being good enough, for myself and others”
  • “I can’t live with all the self-sabotaging thoughts I created to limit myself from living the way my heart & soul truly desire and deserve!
  • “Where did the past 2-3 years go? What happened? How did I get here?”
  • “I’m tired of waiting for that perfect partner/job to be truly happy!”

Healing with Sensuality is a life-altering journey created for…

  • the women who yearn for more in life
  • the women who desire to embody their full feminine pleasure, beauty and power
  • the women who want to join a real and raw cohort of other women and be treated as a dear sister
  • the women who dare to liberate and express the unspoken language of their sensual body 
  • the women who know they can be more, do more, and contribute more to their own and others live
  • the women who say “no more!” to living in the good enough mode, and choose to transform their lives
  • the women committed to doing all they can to live the most beautiful and fulfilling life! 

If you resonated with any women above then… welcome in, sister!

This journey is designed and curated to…

  • cultivate a secure, inclusive and safe space, where all experiences are shared and received with openness, empathy, and reverence
  • empower the authentic, truthful and vulnerable you
  • guide you through your inner pathways, the light and dark
  • reveal your divine beauty and gifts, known and forgotten
  • neutralize and balance your healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns
  • increase your vitality and passion to live in your purpose’s alignment
  • expand your heart-mind coherence
  • embrace you with unconditional support, acceptance and love
  • lead you back in to your wholesome

Can you feel it?!? Can you sense that pull towards something far better than you can imagine?

I hope you follow that pulse all the way to the other side of this magical journey… I am with you, and your journey sisters will be too.

Highlights about this journey into embodying your sensual life…

  • Starts on March 20th, the Equinox.
  • Runs for 3 months.
  • Weekly meditations, rituals, tools and practices.
  • Weekly sonic journeys curated for each gathering.
  • Weekly group gatherings via Zoom, 14 total.
  • Replays available within 24hrs.
  • All communications done via email.
  • +40 hours of sacred self-ceremony.

Special bonus exclusive for this journey only…

  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with Gabi, 3 total ($666 value)
  • Welcome gift box with exotic goodies to awaken your sensual body, mind and soul – shipped for free to the US. International shipping available. ($111 value)
  • A safe sisterhood space for you to express yourself freely, be heard, supported and loved. (priceless!)
  • First dibs and special discount on pre-launch of seasonal products and journeys.

What participants said…

“I found Gabi to be extremely open and accepting, compassionate in her teaching and understanding in my needs as a learner. Through the field she created I found a safe container to express myself and find an embodied full spectrum female role model. My biggest discovery was how one of my emotional bodies was unhealthily showing up across all areas of my life, jeopardizing my relationships with others and my own joy in life. I saw how this body was really protecting a more vulnerable part of me which didn’t know how to express, though with Gabi’s tools I was able to move through these bodies and find the bliss which lied beneath. The biggest takeaway is knowing what I am actually feeling at any point and that I can harness different parts of me to help in any given moment. Also knowing the flow through emotional bodies, stopping me from being stuck in one, has quite literally changed my life. If you want to leave your head and feel the full force of being feminine and utilise your own power, then this course is for you. This journey is a safe container to leave behind any old patterns of repression when it comes to self expression and to finally know what it feels like to authentically be your self.”

— Laurel R. from London, UK

Last day to apply is March 15th.

And if you have questions, you can talk to me

Many blessings,