Hands-On Sound Healing Immersion Workshop

about this event



This workshop is for those who are interested in a hands-on multi-dimensional sound healing experience beyond what a 1 hr soundbath can offer.
Many people love sound baths AND many are also very curious about how to actually create a sound healing journey that goes into the deeper layers of sound meditation.
Once people lie down many want to peek to catch a glimpse of what we are actually doing during a soundbath and how to produce and combine the awesome sounds we hear – – –

In this workshop we will peel back the curtain around what are the elements that create a multi-dimensional sound journey.
We will illuminate what principles & instruments we use and how to combine the sounds for that multi-layered experience.

Whether you are an enthusiast in receiving a soundbath or you are already a sound healing practitioner – this workshop will give you the opportunity to play and explore with a variety of instruments way beyond the Crystal Bowls to deepen your understanding of sound healing – and giving you a tactile sensation of what it’s like to play some very unique sound healing instruments.

You will learn & experiment with how to play:

Crystal Bowls
Tibetan Bowls
6 Gongs from around the world
Monochord string instruments
Percussion, drums and rainstick
Tuning forks, chimes, Kalimba and Burma Bells

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