Ganja Yoga Training (Hybrid Livestream)

about this event

Spend the best four days of your life learning all things weed-wellness with Certified Ganja Yoga Teachers and like-minded folks from around the globe!

November 2-5th

Join LIVE in Berkeley or Denver, – or tune in Virtually from anywhere in the world!  

 Leave knowing:

— Cannabis use across the ancient world; the plant’s spiritual, medicinal, and somatic healing properties; basic science of CBD, THC, cannabinoids, & terpenes; best practices for purchasing and using ganja for yoga.

— A biomechanical approach to yoga poses and alignment, for the safest, most relaxing and sustainable practice. 

— How to skillfully create trauma-informed and accessible yoga classes, including psychedelic-induced altered states and nervous system regulaton techniques for teachers. 


— Skillfully making a living from this work, ie researching local laws,sponsor relations, reinvesting in our communities. 

— Ways to embrace rather than culturally-appropriate yoga. 

— History of cannabis in yoga module, – taught by a South Asian cannabis activist and yogi, Smrita Choubey of Veda Farms.

— Invitation to join our seasonal Zoom sesh with Dee & other GY Training grads, – to connect, ask questions, and continue to support (and be supported by) this amazing community.

+ Forver-access to the digital Ganja Yoga training. 

Dee Dussault, (she/her) pioneered modern cannabis-enhanced yoga classes in 2009 with Ganja Yoga.

She’s received features in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, & Yoga Journal.

Over a thousand people have taken Ganja Yoga classes with Dee in over a dozen US states, and hundreds have graduated from the Ganja Yoga Training. Together with some of her Certified Ganja Yoga students, Dee is creating a global training. The last one had 50 participants from five countries!

* Yoga Alliance Certified Training *

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