Gaia Codes

about this event

Unlock your feminine intelligence and purpose here and now.

Gaia Codes is a journey devoted to accessing your unique power as a woman walking the earth now. Sacred activism starts within and the ancient wisdom that resides in the wombspace is longing to be revealed. No more can it remain numbed, silenced, suppressed. We have lived as separate from our Mother for too long, and we all feel it.

As we the women of our communities call in the new earth, can you feel these codes stirring? The songs of your ancestors, the voices of the wise ones, that inner knowing that bursts untamed like a spring coursing through the soil?

Our great mama, Earth, is here to show us. We apprentice with her to receive our path. Rooting into her fully, softening in her embrace, we open to this inner intelligence and unlock our Unique Life Map. Our axis of intuition is lit, our path as woman truly reveals itself. We rise in sustainable service. 

Are you ready, my loves, to shed your doubt, your fear, your confusion – and step into clearer feminine purpose? 

To finally move from longing to becoming? The knowledge never left you.Everything you need is in you. Gaia and the circle await.

A journey of Self, anchored in Sisterhood.

Gaia Codes is a live process which invites you to dive deep within your own body of wisdom, anchored in a circle of sisters, with individual 1:1 support. From the safety of the circle, we are supported to embark on our individual journey back to Gaia, and into the waters of our wombspace. 

We each hold different codes and keys contained within our Unique Life Map, yet we walk the path in togetherness. From here, you are never alone. This is a collective reclamation.

The structure:

  • 8 modules, 2 weeks per module
  • Weekly live circle with guidance and sharing
  • Two personal 1:1 support sessions

The Modules 


Daughterhood, holding, safety – opening circle and ritual


Rooting in Gaia, widening senses, quieting mind, finding womb

03 | SHED

Releasing what no longer serves, honouring the maiden, laying old patterns to rest


Nurturing receptivity, opening the earth-womb axis, nurturing boundaries

05 | Map

Giving intelligence form, beating the path, drawing inner wisdom out


Purify, embody, express, creative alchemy


Give thanks, fine-tune, inner inventory


Stepping forth with sustainable purpose, closing circle and ritual

How Gaia Codes holds you:

The circle is kept small to create an intimate and safe container.

You will also receive tailor-made one-to-one support to ensure you are anchored in the process in the best way possible.  

Gaia Codes is a living course: the majority of this work takes place live on zoom (always recorded), with accompanying guidance, rituals and practices available through a dedicated web page.

Together, tightly held and vibrantly alive to our brilliance, we birth a new earth.

Through Gaia codes you will be given tools to:

  • Step further into your power and intuition
  • Remember that you are a Daughter of the Earth and that you belong
  • Feel safe with women
  • Heal ancestral patterns
  • Nurture a more harmonious relationship with your body
  • Find your voice and your unique creative expression
  • Know ritual and ceremony as they live through you
  • Open up to nature’s rhythms