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with Shea Hardiman and Ramona Soriano

August 3rd at 5:30PM PT virtual access + Lion’s Gate meditation activation for The New Paradigm.

Leo season will be an interesting one to navigate.

The energy of Leo is extroverted. It’s adventurous, bold and loves having fun.

This season is surrounded by the vibration of creation. When we think about creating, we are inspired to put something new into the world. This feeling will be amplified with the Aquarius full moon, which is forward thinking, unique and progressive. However, we may still get the feeling that we are paddling upstream.

While Mercury is now out of retrograde, we still have Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and now Chiron all retrograde. This tells us that the work, for now, is meant to be done by going inward. Ask yourself, is what you intend to put out into the world authentically aligned with your inner space?

Leo energy is here to give us the courage and confidence to step into a new version of ourselves.

If we look at that Chiron retrograde and the fact that we just had two new moons in Cancer (a very rare occurrence), we see that we are lead to heal old wounds and take great care of ourselves.

The phrase, hurt people, hurt people comes to mind. How are you hurting others? Or how are others hurting you, and why? Can we redirect our patterns to healing for all and put aside ego?

To create the best world possible for others, we must first create the best versions of ourselves. The inward work becomes clear in terms of importance because you can only manifest to the world what exactly is going on within.


  • Available now: Video release of your astrology in conjunction to your natal chart.
  • Saturday, August 1st: Video release of meditation specific to the Full Moon in Aquarius – Experience the Gift of Life. This meditation continues for 40 days and will help you activate the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8.8.2020.
  • Sunday, August 2nd: Journal prompts – spend some time this Sunday reflecting with guided questions to evoke the power of your connection to creativity.
  • Monday, August 3rd: Join us for a live virtual Astrology + Meditation + Soundbath session at 5:30PM – 7:30PM PT. Recording will be provided if you’d like to watch later/rewatch.
    • This workshop includes:⁣
      – An in-depth talk about the current astrological placements⁣.
      – Guided movement + meditation.
      -Healing sound bath.
      Wear comfortable clothes. Have your yoga mat out, and a beverage nearby. Maybe light some candles!

We’re looking forward to having you on this journey with us! See you soon.

With love,

Shea and Ramona