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Join us for this rare and exciting opportunity to work with Penny Hayward, A.R.E. of NY’s beloved international medium and mediumship teacher, IN PERSON in NYC this fall!


Penny is an instructor at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Many of our Community members have already had the pleasure of experiencing her warm and highly knowledgeable teaching style via her Zoom courses. and have expressed the desire to work with Penny in person. That much-anticipated opportunity is finally here!

We’ve selected a workshop that is best done in person for this return to face-to-face learning—and have no plans to repeat it on Zoom (although we’ll offer other Zoom workshops and courses with Penny in the future).

Over the course of this two-day workshop, Penny will take you through guided exercises to first receive evidential information from Spirit and then blend with Spirit for trance mediumship. She will help you to understand the energetic states you will want to achieve for better attunement to Spirit communication. 

There will be exercises designed to help you with specific goals – for example, to expand evidence or strengthen the bond with your guide(s).

Penny explains the difference between trance mediumship and evidential mediumship this way:

“Trance mediumship is when there is a blending of consciousness of incarnate (the medium) and discarnate (Spirit) minds. The medium’s level of ability will help dictate the percentage of blending of minds. For example, a novice may have 5-10% Spirit and the rest is their own consciousness, whereas a more developed trance medium will have a higher blend – up to 80-90% Spirit and a little of their own consciousness. Whatever your perceived level, the course aims to assist you in a closer Spirit connection/deepening of blending.

Generally, trance mediumship should bring a depth of knowledge about life and living life (philosophy) in this world and perhaps onwards into the next phase of life – which we call Spirit. Some trance modalities also include healing and evidence, including art and writing, and in some rare cases can lead to physical phenomena, at the direction of the Spirit Guides. My view is that the main purpose of trance speaking is for the mediums and the personal development of a medium rather than general public consumption. It can, and in my own experience has, been a way in which Spirit has been able to teach me and improve my own knowledge/mediumship.”

As the weekend is an exploration, Penny will focus both on enhancing the abilities of those with experience, and assisting the growth of those less experienced—giving as much individual feedback as time permits.

Come with an open mind—and the knowledge that you will receive what you most need at the time. While both Trance and Evidential techniques will be taught, if for any reason you’re uncomfortable with attempting trance mediumship, you can focus on exercising your evidential mediumship abilities, while still becoming familiar with trance mediumship techniques.

Please note: 

Because Penny is traveling from the UK for this event and our NYC venue requires 30-day advance notice of any changes, it’s crucial that you register early to ensure the event will take place. Waiting to register at the last minute can lead to cancellation (if too many people choose that approach). Or it may ensure that you end up losing the opportunity to register, as space is limited.

Please, help us make this much-anticipated event happen by registering now. Rest assured that if you register early and the event is cancelled for any reason, you will receive a full refund—or credit depending on your preference.


Penny Hayward is an International Medium, Inspirer, and Mentor. Born in Australia, she relocated to England in 1999 and is now based in the north of the UK.

Penny became a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union in 2010 and holds a Diploma (DSNU) in Mediumship and Teaching. In 2018 she was approved as a Tutor (Instructor) at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK and has supported ARE of NY as an instructor for 2 years now.

Penny came to understand that she is a medium and psychic in her early 30s, soon after arriving to the UK. The desire to further develop her psychic and mediumistic abilities led Penny to Spiritualism, which gave her answers to some of her big questions and enabled her to understand that there was more to her than she had imagined.

Knowing that life continues in the spirit world healed Penny and allowed her to go beyond the limitations she had put on herself. Part of Penny’s soul’s calling in this world has always been about empowering others. She gets a real buzz out of seeing people open up to their potential, unfold their layers of complexity, and reveal their authentic selves. Learn more about Penny at pennyhayward.co.uk

Location: St. Margaret’s House, 49 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038, ground floor, to the left of the entrance, through the glass door.