EVOLVING WITH THE SEASONS ~ 3Graces Evening Retreat

about this event

Sunday October 1st, the first full month of fall arrives ~ and we’re so lucky to have our precious Luz back with us for the weekend! ~ To bolster ourselves headed into the final quarter of the year (and the busy holiday season!) we’ve lined up a replenishing evening retreat chock full o’ healing goodies. We’ll put our energy in motion through an enlivening ecstatic dance session, ground during yoga + meditation led by Luz, clarify what’s calling for transmutation via group journaling, then finish out with an epic release during Jen’s breathwork and Riss ‘s sound healing. If you want to glide through the final months of 2023 with ease, clarity and supportive boundaries in place, this evening is for you. Upon ticket purchase you’ll receive all the info you need via email.

We look forward to serving you!

Alternate ticket purchase option: Simply venmo $66 to your co-leader of choice. Info Below. 

Clarissa Rios 

IG: @essence.of.riss 

Venmo: @clarissarios

Jennifer Baute

IG: @jen_baute 

Venmo: @jennifer-baute

Luz Ferrer

IG: @lifeintobalance

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