Deeper Touch & Expanded Pleasure for Men

about this event

Find more joy and pleasure in your body and become the best lover you can be.  

Join this juicy 60-minute workshop to learn how to feel more of your body, explore new ways to think about touch, and find pathways to expand your pleasure so that you can FEEL MORE and GIVE MORE to yourself and to others.

This class offers men guided support in a safe space so that you can dive deep into conversations about your erotic self within—who you are now, and who you want to be. In this workshop you’ll learn about the anatomy and physiology of arousal, the dynamics of sexual energy, and find ways to approach touch, pleasure, and orgasm for yourself and others. Please note: the educational content and practices included in this event is focused on people with penises. For a more expansive/non-gendered event, please check out my other free workshop, Mindful Intimacy for Everyone.

Below is what you can expect from this juicy workshop:

  • You’ll learn techniques to tap into your erotic energy (without touch!)
  • You will practice new touch techniques to deepen and enhance sensation for yourself and others
  • You’ll develop new ways to cultivate and expand your sexual energy

Meet your Teacher 🌺

Aloha, I’m Andrea, a Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. In workshops, classes, and coaching, I work with men and couples to help improve intimate communication, deeply explore desires, and practice sensual connection in a grounded, holistic way. My approach helps people rethink sex and pleasure using tools from Tantra, mindfulness, and yoga. I am certified as a practitioner of Urban Tantra, a certified Sex Educator, a student of Somatic Sex Education, and have a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from University of Hawaii at Manoa. I’m queer/kink/trans/polyam/ENM friendly + positive! Everybody is welcome here 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️  

Learn more on my website or follow Instagram // @vibrantwellness and TikTok // @sexcoachandrea.