Dancing Alchemical Intimacy

about this event

Dancing Alchemical Intimacy

“We’re all just dancing each other home”

A sensuous, spacious journey into greater depth of relational prowess. 

November 11th – 19th, 2022

Sundari Gardens

Puna, Hawai’i

This retreat is for people who are ready to be seen, heard and held in their vulnerability and receive the nourishment they are truly worthy of.

  • What if we could transcend the hierarchy our genes want us to establish to ensure our own survival?
  • What if we could learn to share the renewable resources of touch, presence, pleasure and intimacy?
  • How do we catalyze the synergistic power within a decentralized relational network in which we are allowed to be fed and nourished by varying degrees of intimacy with many different people?

In other words, how do we get our intimacy needs met through opening up to a way of doing life and community that values holistic well-being and challenges the hierarchies that keep us in competition and dominance?

For 8 luscious days and 7 restful nights, join us on a multidimensional voyage of the heart down the Red Road of Puna, and the Golden Path of the Gene Keys as we explore the frequency band of Dominance to Communion. Uniting through the gift of Synergy, Cocréa Mindful Partner Dance and Alchemical Intimacy offer a retreat experience ripe with transformational potential. 

Hidden within our DNA are the very keys we seek to create the world of our dreams. Our destination on this journey – whether we achieve it or not – is the embodiment of higher states of consciousness so we can live fully and grounded in our physical reality – here and now – without any need to ascend; grasping the gold of transmuting our shadows as a community. 

Using movement, breath, contemplation, compassionate inquiry and dialogue, exquisite food, presence, touch, tantric ritual and the healing power of nature, we shall cultivate what this New Earth we’ve been dreaming alive feels like, together.

Who is this For:

  • This is a “Retreat” (AKA a week long Ritual of Heart Awakenings!) for those who have made a conscious decision to devote themselves to healing the unconscious & inherited patterns of the past, while fully embracing the beauty, prosperity and bliss of what is being birthed through us at this time on Earth.
  • This is for the Ones who are ready to go deeper, love more fully, embrace everything as a Teacher, move toward the shadows and the suffering to alchemize it all into the gift, to expand your capacity for greater compassion, radical responsibility, whole body-being reconciliation, Sovereignty and the power of Collaboration with our own and each others true selves.
  • This is for the artists, creators and dreamers who are committed to actualizing their New Earth Visions into the 3rd Dimension – and know that this embodiment begins and ends within our own cells and relationships.

Who this may not be for:

  • Those who are committed to holding on to pain, blame and shame that keeps love at bay
  • Those who are currently soothing an activated & dysregulated nervous system (we love you and support you getting the gentle care you need to first create safety and ground before trying to expand your window of tolerance again). 
  • You are really new to the path of somatic healing work and don’t feel safe feeling emotions.

***DISCLAIMER: This will be a container with deep energetic activations; triggers and emotions will come up. We are trauma-informed facilitators and listen to the pace of the vulnerable nervous system of individuals and the group. And, this is an experience geared toward the more Advanced Spiritual & Somatic practitioner. We will be harmonizing the field with gentleness, integration, listening & attunement. We will always honor your need to pause and slow down. We are learning and growing together. We ask for you to be 100% responsible for what arises in our Communion and stay with the process, together. This is where we can truly complete the cycles of trauma and create a new Equilibrium within our Bodies and Relationships. Together, we will be a real life practice ground for expanding our capacity for staying Present in the challenges and returning to LOVE again and again. This is the kind of Alchemical Intimacy that transmutes our pain into expansive Grace, Compassion, and Impeccable Love. ***

What will we be doing:

  • Transmissions and Practices in the realms of Sovereignty, Collaboration, Synthesis of Feminine & Masculine Beyond Gender, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Communication, Tantric Reconciliation, and Sexual Intimacy
  • Learning & Practicing the art and science Partner Dancing for greater exploration as Sovereign Collaborators in Intimacy
  • Sensual Rituals of Self & Partner Adoration
  • High Magick Ceremonies with Divine Self, Ascended Master Mentors & Source Love
  • Breathwork, Sensual Movement, Energetic Cleansing
  • Prayer & Invocations
  • Mens, Womens & Non-binary Circles
  • Nature Integration with natural warm ponds & beach time
  • Witnessing Ceremonies
  • Ancestral & Inner Child Healing
  • Sisterhood, Brotherhood & Humanhood healing & celebration
  • Delicious vibrant food
  • Spa time – Sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, pool
  • Returning to our Erotic Innocence
  • Journalling & Envisioning our New Earth Relationships & Collaborations
  • More dancing, play and snuggles!
  • Unplanned miracles that arise through the unique organism that is Us together!


  • 8 days of Embodied Intimacy teachings 
  • 3 chef cooked yummy veg meals a day
  • Solo time to relax and savor the land

What is NOT INCLUDED in ticket price:

  • Your accomodation~ book that here! https://bitly.com/StayatSundari

 (Private suites, dorms and BYO camping available!)