Conscious Relationships & Communication

about this event

Learn how to consciously connect & communicate to create enriching, inspiring, and deeply fulfilling relationships

When: December 17th

Where: Zoom Link Will Be Sent Upon Registration

Exchange: $37 – $97 (Early Bird Pricing – Price doubles on 12/8!)

How long: Two hours

Why: Because you truly deserve it

In this workshop, Dr. Rachel will teach on how to create conscious relationships with anyone through understanding how to communicate intentionally.

You’ll learn Dr. Rachel’s 3 Tenets of Conscious Relating:🎁  Presence😑  Depth🌹 Commitment 

Dr. Rachel will provide the insight & tools to help you step into how to consciously relate to yourself and anyone else in your life you choose to be close to.

Are you ready to feel uplifted and nourished in your relationships instead of drained and resentful? Do you want to feel more secure, safe, and connected to the people you’re close to? Are you seeking more depth in your relationships? More desire to feel seen, known, heard, and loved for exactly who you are?Are you ready to be empowered to create the very changes you most want? Ready to learn how to create relationships that empower & inspire you to be better?

What You’ll learn on this Workshop:

  • What Composes Conscious Relationships: You’ll learn what it means to relate to yourself & others more consciously and what has gotten in the way of that for you so far.
  • ​How to Cultivate More Discernment and trust in who you choose to relate to. You’ll understand how your childhood trauma imprints have skewed your perception of relationships. You’ll understand how to regulate your trauma triggers & rework your beliefs about relationships.
  • ​What You Can Start To Do To Improve The Relationships You Have & start filling your life up with soul relationships, and set higher standards for people in you let into your life. You’ll learn when it’s time to let go of relationships you’ve outgrown and how to create a new baseline for new relationships you want to be in 
  • You’ll learn the skills for intentional communication, and how creating better relationships is about identifying what you want to feel. I’ll teach you how to grow relationship satisfaction, the best strategies for expressing feelings and needs, how to get more connected to safe people, and create the love and fulfillment you most want.

This is for you if you: 

😳 Have anxious / avoidant or disorganized attachment style & want to be more secure

😳 Are in a relationship you know isn’t fully right

😳 Carry relationship resentments

😳 Feel alone and isolated even when you’re with people like your family or friends

😳 Doubt your worth and often settle

😳 You’re ready to learn how to end toxic relationships patterns & connect more consciously to yourself & others

😳 You want to strengthen your communication & be more skillful in any of your relationships

Who is Dr. Rachel?

Dr. Rachel Greenberg is a clinical psychologist and relationship therapist, theorist, and coach. She’s the founder of The Numinous Path, her psycho-spiritual practice for whole self healing and transformation. 

She uses a trauma-informed approach to heal childhood wounds to create more authenticity and trust in your relationship to yourself & others. She uses concrete psychological, somatic, and emotionally-oriented insights for skillful living. She guides people to radically cultivate the art of deep relating. To learn more visit @heydrrachel 

With over 5,000 clinical hours, 2 Master’s Degrees and a Doctorate in Psychology, she’s realized what type of innovative practices are required for a holistic sense of sacred self & well-being, beyond just treating symptoms or spiritual bypass. 

Dr. Rachel is influenced by nearly 20 years of study in Psychology and by her own series of profound spiritual awakenings and personal healings. With 15 years in the field and more than 10 years of experience growing a successful career, Dr. Rachel’s unique Psycho-Spiritual insights have helped thousands of awakening humans experience life-affirming & deep transformation.

When we consciously create our relationships, we become more truly known, held, and seen by those we choose to love.

Conscious Relationships feels like ease, security, warmth, fullness, safety, sweetness. They carry the tenets of presence, depth, commitment, and invite us to become more authentic and aligned versions of who we are, no matter how much inner work it requires.As I see so often, when we do more finger-pointing than soul-searching, we stay stuck in relationship patterns that leave us feeling alone, resentful, and scared. 

We stay stuck relating from our childhood wounds believing this is “just how it goes for me.”We stay angry & distant in our relationships, instead of inspired and proud of who we are connected to.

When we take honest inventory of our relationship beliefs, our sense of self-worth and the problems we perpetuate, we open space for a new way.

We learn what we need. We honor how we feel. We take responsibility for how we show up. We get clear on what we want. We open our hearts to let it in. 

💗 As we recover from the dysfunctional ways we’ve learned to relate and as we heal the wounds that need us the most — we begin to change our relationship karma.✨ We see how able we are to learn new ways of relating that feel way better.(Conscious Relationships & Communication doesn’t mean we never encounter triggers or conflict, but instead, we learn how to turn conflict into creative tension. We use our triggers to open our hearts to each other more fully – authentically & vulnerably. We’ll be exploring this in length in the workshop).💗  When we talk Conscious Relationships & Communication, self-worth & self-trust are foundational.

✨ Knowing you deserve the best is your birthright. 💗  Healing the trauma from your past is often a necessary step towards opening your heart to better.✨ When we learn who we are, what we feel, what we need, and we honor what’s true for us – we welcome in others who do the same. 

✨ We equip ourselves to relate in a new, refreshing way.💗 Because we deserve it. When someone knows how to consciously relate, they heal the relational field we all are a part of. And when someone goes within themselves first as the place of deep intimacy and love, they enable their relationship joy. 

This is the embodiment of conscious relating and communication.By the end you’ll have a stronger sense of relaxation in your body, diffuse warmth through your chest, deeper breathe, and clarity in your heart-space.I will lead you through a 2-hour deep dive into Conscious Relationships & Communication.

In this intimate presentation I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned about trauma’s impact on relationship health, and the simple but powerful practices you can start implementing RIGHT AWAY to create Conscious Relationships & Communication.Plus Q +A & the presentation slides!All those who register will receive a replay so sign up even if you can’t make it live!


“I learnt that my triggers are the needs of my inners child, the need to feel secure and safe, acknowledged and nurtured. I’d absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone who is unquestioning their life responses. I learnt that what triggers me are grounded in the needs of my inner child, the need for her to feel secure and safe, acknowledged and nurtured and how I can reassure her I am all of that and more. I will work on getting back in touch and gain her trust to allow me to keep her safe..Thank you Dr Rachel for illuminating the way for me to start on this wonderful journey to re-discovery. “- Lynda Jones

Dr. Rachel is awesome & her work is amazing. I took many notes during the class. Dr. Rachel helps you dig deep into issues people struggle with on a daily basis but don’t see for themselves. This class is SOO SOO necessary…Dr. Rachel is definitely making a difference in this world.-Jamie, Workshop Participant

“Very informational! Need to review and journal all of the fantastic questions! This is great for introspection and learning how to move forward into your best self after trauma. Would love a follow up course which delves into some of the practices in kore depth! Thanks!” -Kristi Seat

“Thank you for this powerful facilitator, something definitely shifted in me and I feel uplifted and inspired.” -ogaana shoug-a

“Challenging and dense. I needed this.” -Tsuyoto Wolfe

“What an amazing and life changing class! Thank you very much for your wisdom and gift of this information. I am going to retake again and again as part of this healing journey ❤️” -Cory Avery

“Hi Rachel Just wanted to say I’m progressing thru your course and I’m benefitting from it already. It is the best course I have ever done. Thank you for your compassionate work”

About Finances: This class is financed solely by your contributions. It is my hope that these invaluable psycho-spiritual teachings can be accessible to all, including people with financial constraints. Hence the payment structure is based on an ‘honor system’. Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This helps support Dr. Rachel and The Numinous Path company for the significant amount of time, hard work and commitment it takes to offer a workshop like this. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

No one will be turned away due to lack of finances.