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We all wanna feel GOOD, but man it’s hard to talk about! Actually, step back a sec. It’s hard to even know what we actually want to then be able to communicate it! Add this to differing sex drives between partners, the fact that at times, the pleasure we want actually doesn’t come from sex, and that sometimes, we don’t want to communicate! We just want the other person/s to know without us telling them. Or simply take the initiative to ask and explore on their own.

It’s murky waters out there, folks!

Join holistic psychologist and pleasure expert, Dr. Rachel Allyn, as she shares ways to learn what you truly want, and then actually talk about it. With an eventual goal of your partner/s learning how to do this detective work on their own 🙂 . Go team go!

*All classes are 75 min long. You can submit questions for the instructor during the first 15 min of class. Attendees must have access to the internet and ZOOM (we’ll show you how to get it!).

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