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Greetings CoLab Family,

In light of recent world events, the purpose of CoLab Campout has never been more clear. The importance of learning how to come together to work collaboratively for our future seems more pertinent than ever.

CoLab is a remarkably potent opportunity to grow yourself while diving deep into an immersive village building experience to pick up skills that never before seemed so vital to acquire. One of the original visions inspiring CoLab was the consideration that IF we have a major shift in how we currently live, we would have various thriving regenerative eco-villages to join.

Today we are faced with a collective challenge most of us never expected. As of the research and data we see today, we also have full confidence and a deep seeded hope that this will soon pass.

In the midst of this Coronavirus/COVID-19 challenge we feel deeply humbled by the CoLab Campout purpose, and last week we could not imagine canceling the event.

Today, however, it’s clear to us that it is not a considerate choice to gamble our collective health with this global public health concern. Your safety, and the safety of your dear elders from a potential spread of this virus at CoLab, is our number one priority.

We are choosing to postpone CoLab Campout. We are currently expecting the new dates to be around October-November and an official announcement will be released by April 15th.

It deeply saddens us to deliver this message. There has been an incredible amount of dedicated work that has been done for 6 months by our core team of about 10 people, and many heart based collaborative exchanges were made to bring all our facilitators, artists, and presenters to CoLab for these April dates.

For all those who have purchased tickets, you will be able to transfer those tickets to the new dates. For those artists and presenters that committed your time and energy for the vision of CoLab Campout, we thank you and apologize for the inconvenience this cancellation causes to your schedule. Everyone involved will receive direct communication from us ASAP. We’re all in this together and as we retreat into a new planning phase we request your patience and understanding.

In an attempt to recoup our lost administrative & marketing costs for our April event we have lowered our price back to $155 for a limited time and included a 10 meal plan, free parking, and a free shower pass.

We max out our tickets at 200, and due to everything going on now we strongly feel this next CoLab Campout will be one of the most powerful experiences anyone could choose to attend.

If you would like to donate to our non-profit cause to help us through the bumps ahead, we would be incredibly grateful, and there is also an option on the ticket page to do so.

We believe that InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation, and Celebration are very important to living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We encourage you to explore all ways that you can boost your own immunity and are sending you our love from Heartland.

We appreciate you and wish you are surrounded by love.

Thank you


Still Here?? Read on to learn about CoLab, and we would be honored to have you join us this fall.

Please have patience as some elements we are currently promoting may change due to people’s schedules and a multitude of other reasons.

Join us at the Heartland Collective for our fourth year of CoLab Campout!

We are building life 2.0 and this is Heartland Collective’s yearly showcase event. In collaboration with so many others, we offer you an opportunity to join a new movement of Regenerative living.

CoLab Campout is a 200 participant, 3 day, Village Building Immersive Experience.

Think larger, more enhanced retreat design with a micro-festival vibe!

Participants are ushered through a 4 pillar hands-on experience consisting of InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation, and Celebration.

CoLab is where Earth Lovers, Impact Leaders, Change-Makers, Artists, Musicians, Community Organizers, and beautiful souls come together to create the empowering and regenerative reality we all wish to see!

Save a lot of money by buying a TIER 1 ticket today which is bundled with alot of bonuses!

5 BIG Reasons to grab a Tier 1 Bundle ticket:

1 – Save $70 on Regular ticket price

2 – A 10 Meal Plan (Save $70)

3 – A FREE shower pass (Save $15)

4 – A FREE parking pass (Save $20)

5 – It REALLY helps our production process, and it’s the BEST way to CoLab 😉

What Happens at CoLab Campout?


Nourish yourself with Yoga, Breathwork, WimHoff, Bowspring, and Edgu. Pamper yourself through lakeside lounging, and other self-care journey’s! Reflect and share your truth during fireside entertainment designed to inspire you to dive deeper in your growth.


During the first couple days our focus for day time activities are on Outerwork. The Outerwork activities offer an 8 hour dive deep experience learning regenerative ways of building or beautifying the village. Choose one of five tracks to explore; Permaculture 101 w Samyol & Bloom, Cob building w/ Rohan, Hemplime building w/, or All Life Cycles w/Shama.

Track 1: Permaculture 101 w Samyol & Bloom

Permaculture is a holistic design system for creating sustainable human settlement and food production systems. It is a movement concerned with sustainable, environmentally sound land use and the building of stable communities through the harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the Earth. Explore the concepts and get your hands dirty at the 2 day workshop at CoLab Campout!

Track 2: Cob Building w/ Rohan Guyot-Sutherland

Build with Dirt and Straw. In this OuterWork track Rohan with @regenerativesystems will teach us how to build with natural materials. Inspired by organic design, traditional knowledge and modern technology, this workshop offers a holistic solution to build a more resilient future. We will even learn how to make a rocket stove! Come have some fun in the dirt with us!

Track 3: HempLime Building with @hempecosystems

Join us at CoLab Campout to learn the HempLime fundamentals in our two-day introduction workshop. You will learn the basics from a demonstration of correct site preparation, mixing, placing and finishing for an effective HempLime encapsulation of a structural frame!

Track 4: Creating Nests & Alters

Have you dreamed of creating your own sacred space that weaves in artful expression and connection? Build your own NEST (New Earth Star Temples) with @naturedreamweaver. Learn a practice and process that weaves together yoga, shamanism, permaculture, Tantra, meditation, and super hero culture into One-Nest. Experience peace of mind and love in the heart as you tap into your creative flow. We will create a grid of light all over the property that allows us to tap in more deeply with ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

BONUS OFFER: Come Early to CoLab and dive deep into the Nest Lab, learn more here

Track 5: All Life Cycles w/Shama.

This OuterWork track offers participants a deep dive in so many ways. It’s facilitated by Anna-Lena Shama, one of Heartland’s (the land where CoLab is held) original residents and founders. This track weaves how life cycles through the young and elder years. It welcomes people of all ages, but has an emphasis on what it means today to be a contemporary elder. It offers non-linear movement, connection, conversations and explorations of present experiences along with guidance from many Toltec teachings. With these themes in mind, the group will also visit various other OuterWork tracks to lend a helping hand, or other supportive offerings.


The first couple are filled with activities designed for transformation. We invite you to go inward to discover your true self while you explore blindfolded Ritual Trance Dance, Mxn’s & Womxn’s Gender Work, Ecstatic Dance Journeys, Fireside Cacao Ceremonies, and other sweet surprises.

As we journey together to create this event we deeply transform ourselves and unlock the possibilities of what we can do together.


As with all work done well, there is always much to CELEBRATE! With over a dozen entertainers booked, everyday ends with a celebratory feeling.

When we collaborate to co-create a unified vision in 3D it just creates excitement!

Friday night offers a deeply nourishing and profound concert experience around the Kiva fire with music from Moonriders, Sasha Rose, Kindred, Samara Jade, and more…

Saturday night is set aside for a BIG music, dance, and fireside celebration. This is MAINLY how CoLab is different than most other events. We do not come together just to have a party. We first come together to grow, learn, play, and co-create and after 2 full days of village building, we CELEBRATE all that we have accomplished!

On the main stage we will dance, flow, and celebrate while enjoying music from Sone Itenco, Liane Santos, Air Nomads, Mad Hallelujah, Equanimous, Geometrae, Sasha Rose, and an all star closeout session with Truth’s Playhouse!

Buying tickets now is vital to help us properly plan, permit, and hire help to make our journey together the best ever.

Help us help you have an amazing time by securing your ticket purchase asap.


Coming soon…



Would you like to spend more time at CoLab?

Join us for the Nest Lab!

A deeper dive of immersive experiential education. The Nest Lab is a pre-event extension of the Nesting and Altar building track.

The Nest Lab is an all inclusive pre-CoLab 3 day experience packed with content, information, inspiration, and imagination.

$444 early registration during February & March, and price goes up to $555 April 1st

  • Ticket price includes food for pre-event AND food plan during event
  • Ticket price includes full event access

Participants will enter the heart and mind of Angel Nathaniel aka Nature Dreamweaver, creator of his unique and special brand sacred spaces called NESTs (New Earth Star Temples) created, built, designed for ceremony, meditation, prayer, connection, gardening, music, love and more.

During the Nest Lab you’ll learn about how this practice and process weaves together yoga, shamanism, permaculture, Tantra, meditation, and super hero culture into One-Nest.

You’ll experience peace of mind and love in the heart as you tap into your creative flow to help co-create community and a constellation of sacred space art installations that will create a grid of light all over the property that allows people to tap in and connect more deeply with themselves, the Earth, and each other.

During the Nest Lab you’ll also explore the 3 Pillars of the Bowspring Method

  1. Accountability
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Compassion

Arrive Sunday evening for sunset and dinner while all the magic of the CoLab build is about to take place.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday will include:

  • Morning Embodiment Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Movement Meditation to access creative Flow State
  • Nature Gathering time
  • Lunch
  • Nesting all afternoon
  • Dinner
  • Evening practice and Talking Circle

Explore Bowspring here >>