chakra balancing workshop: with crystals + oils

about this event

Join Certified Intuition Medicine© Healer & Coach, Halley Claire Bass


Essential Oils Expert & Natural Green Living Advocate, Jessica Klieman

For an afternoon of exploring the chakras: the very important energy vortices in your body that run up and down your spine.

This workshop is for you, if you:

1) Want to learn more about how the chakras work

2) Have heard that chakras are an important part of your health, but don’t know quite know how to work with them

3) You already know about the chakras, but you would like to amplify your work with them using crystals and oils

4) Are interested in holistic health and would like to bring energy mindfulness and essential oils into your self-care practice

5) Are just curious and intrigued by the title!

Not only are you going to receive a wealth of knowledge on how the chakras work, and how to locate them in your body…

You will also receive a guided healing visualization to tune into your chakras and find a new discovery about what your body/mind/spirit needs right now.

We will have time and space to journal & reflect after the visualization, and following this we will come back together to learn more about essential oils + what crystals correlate with each chakra.

***Last, *but certainly not least,* all attendees will receive a set of 7 essential oil rollers made with handpicked oils and crystals that can be used to balance your chakras and bring you into more harmony with your body, mind, and spirit!***

The workshop will be around 2 hours of content, with 30 mins of Q and A at the end.

What to Bring to the Workshop:

  • A yoga mat to lie on
  • A journal and pen
  • An open mind and heart
  • A friend who also needs this