Bridging the Divide – Evidential Mediumship with Penny Hayward, DSNU

about this event

Love never dies. Most of us have someone on “the other side” we’d love to hear from. Someone we wish we could speak to one more time.

Join Penny Hayward, Evidential Medium from the UK and Instructor at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, for an online gathering of spirit messages, love, and healing.

Penny loves to be of service to spirit. She will bridge what seems like a great divide to us and connect as many loved ones from spirit with audience attendees as time allows.

Our loved ones who have stepped forward to the world of spirit, have a need to communicate with us as much as we want to communicate with them. The healing and upliftment from Penny’s evidential readings should benefit all who attend.

Working with integrity is important to Penny. She cannot guarantee to bring through specific communicators. However, she does her best to work with the need of the Spirit and the audience. You can prepare by thinking of your loved ones in the spirit world from whom you’d like to receive a message — this will help bring them closer.

Penny will give a brief description of the communicator first. As this session is being held on Zoom, a participant who believes the visitor from Spirit has come to communicate with her or him will use the “raise hand” icon to let Penny know.

When the connection is established, Penny will continue to provide information only a loved one could know, shared memories, and any message or comment from spirit. Penny brings the character of your loved ones to life when describing their personalities and memories.

Penny Hayward is an International Medium, Inspirer and Mentor. Born in Australia, she relocated to England in 1999 and is now based in the north of the UK.

About Penny Hayward:

Penny is a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union and holds a Diploma (DSNU) in Mediumship and Teaching. She is a Tutor (Instructor) at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK and has taught mediumship courses for A.R.E. of NY for the last three years.

Penny came to understand that she is a medium and psychic in her early 30s, soon after arriving to the UK. The desire to further develop her psychic and mediumistic abilities led Penny to Spiritualism, which gave her answers to some of her big questions and enabled her to understand that there was more to her than she had imagined.

Knowing that life continues in the spirit world healed Penny and allowed her to go beyond the limitations she had put on herself. Part of Penny’s soul’s calling in this world has always been about empowering others. She gets a real buzz out of seeing people open up to their potential, unfold their layers of complexity, and reveal their authentic selves. Learn more about Penny at