Breakup Recovery Workshop

about this event

Come back to yourself after a breakup. Whether you went through a COVID breakup, you can’t completely let go of your ex, or you’re feeling really isolated in your heartbreak, come connect with a loving, non-judgmental, inclusive community to support your breakup journey and help you bounce back after a breakup or divorce. Guided by breakup coach Paige Wilhide, this workshop is designed to support your journey back to yourself, as you rediscover your light and rebuild a life from desire. 


You’ll leave this 90-minute event with:

  • A plan for moving through your breakup powerfully
  • Clairty on your next steps for filling up your cup and falling in love with yourself
  • A feeling of hope that you can and you WILL get all the way through this
  • Love and support from a group of people who are on the same journey

Ground rules: 

  • Come as you are: I’m rolling out the red carpet for all parts of you. Come messy, pissed off, sobbing, excited, anxious, or anything in between. There is space and approval for you AND all of your emotions. In fact, feeling your feelings is celebrated here! 
  • Zero judgement: When you attend the workshop, you’ll be entering a sacred virtual space, and judgement of any kind will not be tolerated. This safe space offers full approval and love for your entire process. 
  • Confidential: I am dedicated to creating a place where you can feel safe to share honestly and vulnerably. By signing up for this event, you agree to uphold the agreement that “whatever happens here, stays here”.

“The breakup recovery workshop was incredibly powerful. I felt seen and heard in a group of people I didn’t know and gained some new insights. Thank you Paige for holding the space and facilitating breakthroughs.” – Amanda C.

“The workshop helped me come back to the present, get clarity, and have hope again for the future, all while being in a safe and inspiring group of people on the same journey. I highly recommend anyone at any stage of breakups or any sort of grieving to join.” -Anonymous

Hosted by breakup coach Paige Wilhide of Breakup Breakthrough.

IG: @breakupbreakthrough

Hey, friend. I’m Paige! I’m a breakup and relationship transition coach for big-hearted people. After a string of particularly devastating breakups, I realized something needed to change. So I set out on a journey to defeat my bad habits, say YES to my desires, and fall madly in love with ME. Now, I do the same for other people who are struggling through heartbreak. I know breakups can really suck, but I also know there’s a brand new person on the other side of this: a human who has the power to get everything they want and doesn’t settle for crumbs. If you’re ready to recover from a breakup or divorce and create a life beyond your wildest dreams, you’re in the right place!