Belonging Retreat: Healing through practice & storytelling

about this event

3 Day Online + 4 Day In-Person Healing Retreat in Swannanoa, NC, USA

Experience the interdependence of Self, Other, and the Earth on a 7-Day Virtual & In-person Retreat.

*Please note 4 days of this retreat is in person & 3 days online

The feeling of belonging can sometimes feel elusive. Hard to pin down. Difficult to capture in words. A lot of that may have to do with living in a society that is dedicated to distraction, separation, and individualism. Silent agreements of keeping your head down, being self-reliant, and working hard. This can be pervasive in the wellness world as well. Work on yourself then, only then, can you belong.

What if it was an exchange? A dance? To belong, to be at home in the world, is to be in a relationship. With everything around us. To be curious about the stories that are all around us. Our own stories, the stories of others, and the stories of the land. To be in relationship with self, each other, and the Earth.

The non-human intelligence that we are sharing space with. How do we open ourselves up to the sacredness of life? This is what we will be exploring in this experience.

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Exploring Belonging

Exploring Belonging sometimes means feeling vulnerable while being heard and seen by others on this retreat experience.

Our time together may involve moments of discomfort, and while the space we cultivate is trauma-informed please know that no one is required to share more than they are willing to. We say this now because this is a very unique retreat experience, while there will be moments of relaxation, connecting to your spirit, laughter, and joy — there will be depth and vulnerable moments.

Themes we’ll explore

Day 1 – June 16: Values, contribution, and receptivity. (Virtual)

Day 2 – June 17: Resourcing and exchange. (Virtual)

Day 3-5 – June 18 – 21: Self, Other and Earth (In-person)

Day 6-7: June 22-23 Integrate (Virtual)

What we hope you’ll experience

In a secure trauma-informed, organized container while out in the field where the unknown reigns — we hope you’ll:

  • Gain love, safety, and belonging in community
  • Heal through storytelling
  • Create rituals of relationship and belonging
  • Experience customized style of information for different types of learners
  • Receive feedback from all participants. Ensure everyone has the resources they need
  • Experience a space to receive and give space
  • Share your internal landscape and emotions as much as you feel comfortable with
  • A space to be heard and process out loud what’s alive in you
  • Express and learn the language of your needs through empathy

The Practices and Workshops

The practices are customized to reach a range of learners and experiences. You can expect things like:

  • Movement practices like yoga, walking meditations, somatic movement
  • Various nervous system reset and restorative practices
  • Guided meditations
  • Breathwork both active and passive styles
  • Journaling
  • Group and partner sharing (as much as you feel comfortable)
  • Fun, games, and dancing


  • Hiking
  • Hot tub
  • Fire pit
  • Star gazing
  • Quiet time
  • Access to wild water
  • Contributing to your community

What Makes This Retreat Special

Why Now? Why this retreat?

With our modern digital times and not to mention 2 years of isolation, it’s challenging to understand what to practice, how our solo-practices translate to belonging in a greater community, and how practices integrate into work, life relationships, and beyond.

The purpose of this retreat is to explore and embody just that. Learn how to ebb and flow between practice, relationship, and integration. Between self, community, and the Earth we stand on. Between independence and interbeing. And create a new story of belonging. With acceptance and curiosity that we don’t know it all on our own. It’s ok to want to experience belonging in a connection with others to navigate this human experience.

A 7-Day program unlike anything out there as we weave from virtual, in-person, and back to daily life. How do we find that balance between doing too much and burning out or doing too little and not feeling inspired or aligned? In a culture of burnout, how do we find reciprocity in supporting ourselves and community that feel inspired and aligned with our values?


Sample Agenda during in-person

  • Silent tea/mindful morning 8-8:15am
  • Yoga practice 8:30-9:15
  • Meditation/Somatic practice 9:15-9:35
  • Breakfast 9:45-10:15
  • Hike/(Water Ceremony) 11-noon
  • Rest noon-1pm
  • Light Lunch 1pm-1:15pm
  • Shares/Integration/Community Activities


3 meals per day while we’re in person June 18 


  • BRENDA UMANA Brenda, is a dedicated practitioner, teacher, yoga and meditation educator with over 10+ years of experience. She considers herself a lifelong learner and holds a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. Brenda’s foremost passion is to increase the well-being — mind, body, and soul — of the communities she interacts with.She is on a path to support others’ well-being through corporate and wellness workshops/retreats, authentic brand collaborations, mindful marketing, and 1-on-1 sessions. Her insights have been featured in Shape, Yoga Journal, Martha Stewart, Healthline, and Insight Timer.She is the founder of OM Marketing, working alongside as a trusted advisor and coach to conscious businesses, entrepreneurs, and other solo practitioners.Her first love in the vast world of “practice” is yoga and she believes that the yoga practice is what continues to inspire her to explore the relationship with herself and those around her while living a creative life.
  • BRITT DORAZIO Britt is a trauma-informed meditation, somatics, and social-emotional arts facilitator. She is in service to leading us back home to ourselves, each other, and the land through the languages of the breath, the body, and the arts. Britt works closely with families, children, and neurodivergent, disabled, and recovery communities.
  • She received her meditation certification from Sarvaguna Yoga Institute in Dharamshala, India under the wisdom of Dr. Keshava Murthy. Britt received her Social Emotional Arts certification from UCLA’s Arts & Healing School. She holds an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification from The Embody Lab. Britt received her BFA in Theater from Point Park University.
  • She has dedicated many hours of learning in anti-violence in education, ethics, non-violent communication, the science of gratitude, nervous system resilience, and spiritual development. Britt, at her core, is a multi-disciplinary artist. The practice of creative storytelling is what helps her make sense of this complex existence. She weaves creative expression into all that she does.

Please note this is a page that only reserves your spot with a deposit. All the room details can be found here: