Bad Bitch Magic: 5 Success Codes for Living Your Dream Life

about this event

 Finally, crack the five secret codes you need to find success in your life.

In this fun and spiritual workshop, Ivy shares the authentic lessons she’s learned as a business owner, life coach, a mother.

Ivy will give you real-life examples of what she has done to be standing fully in her unique power and purpose, along with practical applications for you.

Ivy will inspire and motivate you and give you permission to find your own unique brand of magic and expression.

Ivy will help you reframe your subconscious relationship to success and implement daily habits that will help sustain you and increase the confidence you have in your own intuition.

Her clients get incredible results through co-creative subconscious work, reflective journaling, and NLP hypnosis.

For the first time ever…

You will gain access to this potent process for connecting to your purpose and cracking your personalized success code.

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After just 90 minutes, you’ll finally understand…

  • How to deeply trust your intuition and create reframe your success matrix so that it sustains you instead of stressing you out!
  • How to stand firm in “bold visionary energy” and pursue your purpose with confidence.
  • That finding your purpose involves connecting with your higher power and developing your intuition to attune to the symbols and synchronicities that surround you.
  • How to reframe your subconscious relationship to success and implement daily habits that will help sustain you and increase your confidence.

Our Guide 🥰

Ivy Kaminsky is a Subconscious Coach, a former nonprofit founder, a champion of women’s empowerment, and a self-proclaimed badass who values integrity, growth, connectedness, and freedom.

Ivy is a seeker and a healer who helps other seekers and healers to show up, speak freely and serve fully.

👀 Here’s what people are saying about working with Ivy

“I’ve seen many measurable results since Ivy has been my coach. I got a new contract for more money. I got a permanent job offer at the company I’m contracting for, which I attribute to our self-work worth. It’s helped me to build confidence in myself and not have an unhealthy attachment to scarcity or lack.”

“I’ve had 3 life coaches and 3 executive coaches, and Ivy is the best. She helped me learn new tools and apply them immediately in real-time, and in real situations. And, she lovingly kept me accountable for my own progress, focusing on whole-life integration in addition to targeting specific outcomes.”

Your Host 😉

Jenner Linden | Renowned Business Coach and the Creatix of The Wild Ones, a membership portal + sacred community for seekers to heal deeper, expand their consciousness, and transform their lives.

Jenner’s approach to life and business is, well… radical. Combining secret business hacks with modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom has helped her (and her clients) create a wildly successful brand that resonates with thousands of people who attend her live events each month.

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